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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ACU Homecoming...

Last year I was unable to attend my college (my mom took ty and hanna) alma matter's homecoming since I was about to pop out Claire...but this year Claire and I both got to attend. 
It was actually our first trip to Abilene since March....since my sister, niece and nephew have been coming here so much, we haven't had to go, it was nice getting away and being in Abilene. 

And, since my little tall nephew is in big Kindergarten...we got to all take him to school on friday...and Ty got to go with his Aunt Casey to bring Brady lunch...Ty thought that was super cool..and also thought he was hot stuff when the front office lady let him keep his "visitor" (He's a simple boy). haha!

Finally, it was 3:00 and time to get Brady Bear....after we hit a couple of stores...we made our way to ACU campus for the carnival...a fairly new homecoming tradition..and kids love it..especially ours. 
Since their was a huge storm in the forecast they moved it inside to the, it was kinda fun overload.

My sister was a trooper...even though she had just found out she had strep..she took one for the team and came to the carnival! and Claire loves her aunt casey....( although I would never give claire to anyone...I tease her that she is her aunt casey's child...reddish hair like her casey, and blue eyes and potential asthma from her uncle daniel)...haha!

The gym was a bouncy house frenzy...a ton! and of course, Ty had to hit up the TMNT one first...

Hanna wasn't feeling too great with a 101 since claire didn't want in the stroller, Hanna took over...and just enjoyed her treats! bless her heart.

A little over an hour into was time to head home...

Saturday was the annual ACU homecoming parade. It's a big deal, especially for those on campus and for the alumni in clubs (aka sororities/fraternities). Each social club, class and other various organizations on campus make a float( actually pledges make them) and they are judged...during chapel after the parade they announce the winners...
no, my club never won while I was! 

It was a chilly morning..but they were super excited about the parade..

We left my sister to rest at home and faced the cold...
Claire was sleeping in her carrier...which was perfect! :)

Sophia loved the band! while my kids had their ears covered...sophi stood there and clapped the whole time...Maybe she'll take after her mother and be a drum major?

and thanks to the band...claire woke up! :) ha

One of the men's floats was a, they interviewed sophi...pretty funny!

but, the best part was probably the candy.

they racked it up! haha.

and this year they were "not afraid" of Willie the Wildcat 

but Hanna was..haha

Since my sister had strep and her husband was in town for the weekend (he's usually at their farm)...I just decided to leave after lunch and let her rest and have a little time with Daniel...

all the kids slept for at least an hour...Ty's neck might have hurt..but how sweet is that! 

 A fun weekend...with lots of memories! 
Gooooo Wildcats! 

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