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Thursday, October 30, 2014

She Leaves a little Sparkle..

It still has not hit me that we now have a 3 year old little girl...WWOOAA! so hard to believe. 
She was a surprise since birth and she continues that trend daily. 
She is incredibly funny with her mannerisms, smart and so loving. 
She loves her "Bruder" and "claire-y" as she calls them and is the best sister!

She loves: pink, sparkles, twirling, princess shoes, anything girly (makeup, polish, doing hair, jewels, etc). She is the best hugger and can clinch on tight. Her favorite show is Angelina Ballerina..since Hanna too loves her dance and well as Cheerleading. She is constantly cheering someone on no matter what the situation is...and always says, "good job." or "i'm so proud of you." haha. 
She is the best care taker/mommy/nurse and doctor and will always take care of you! 
Although she is quite the girly-girl..she can ninja turtle fight, hunt and fish with the best of 'em.
She is extremely theatrical and very imaginative. very funny to listen to some of her conversations as she's playing by herself or in the carseat..or playing in her room when she should be sleeping! :)
Loves her suckers, cookies, (anything sweet really..haha), fruit and juice (we squirt Mio flavorings into their water and call it juice..hehe). 
we have a fantastic life but I can not imagine life without her...she is so special! 

all of her dresses, this one is a winner! :)

a lot of sass and attitude.

and our princess... (or at least she thinks)

The night before her birthday she So, finally around 10 she gave it up...and I was able to put her balloons up. 
Well, about 2 she started crying so I went to get her and brought her back in bed with me...around 6 claire woke I took the balloons and put them above her chair at the table...haha. did not expect that to be so difficult...haha!

special bday pancakes, with "pink sprinkles."
We face timed daddy at work so he could watch her open her present (since we had a busy day)...a caboodle (which she calls a tackle box..since it looks like ty's...only with lipsticks and nail polish..and a very sparkly necklace!

She then wanted to go on a walk to the we did! 
Claire got in on the slide action as my lap of course.

Then we went to one of her friends from school bday party at the park...they share the same bday.
that was fun..

my personal manicurists...I got the royal treatment...nails, hair and makeup! :)
and I painted her nails.

and to top it off...her sweet friend walked down and gave her the sweetest homemade card, more lipsticks...she was soooo excited..oh, and an applesauce...which she loved! haha!

Such sweet, sweet friends. 

Then it was off to ty's last tball game..where she cheered on the Scrappers one last time.

We were going to do cake once we got home..but she feel asleep in the car and after bath and books she immediately another time! 
She had such a fun bday...and we can't wait to celebrate her again next saturday for her party! 

Happy birthday, Hanna James. We love you to the moon and back!!!
We play a game and tell each other how much we love them...and she always says, "to the moon and back" or "to houston/katy and back." lol! 
Love, love her to pieces! 

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