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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall is in the Air...

Now that Fall is upon us (almost anyways) seems like it here in midland, since the weather has been much cooler...and RAINY!, it just feels like Fall...and it's wonderful. 
Plus, other activities have deer lease trips and, it's pretty much considered fall in our house! Ty and Trav have been to the deer lease a couple of times and are gearing up again soon to go....and this time with Hanna! (we'll see if that works out or not)..haha! Claire and I would love to go, but with her age, it's just not practical...hard to keep her entertained while we drive around..and since she's not walking...the ground there really isn't her friend to crawl, we wait at home! :)

Ty is just like his daddy and LOVES to hunt! He gets just as excited about it as travis does...which in turn makes travis beyond happy! haha! 
they have a great time and ty always feels like a Big boy when helping his daddy.
This is the only time Travis will jump out of bed super early! haha! 
Ty was dressed and ready to go at, he went and woke up his daddy so they could go...but, they weren't leaving until 10ish...haha!

The stomach bug went through our house, naturally, once school started, so after Ty got over his and it was Claire's turn...Ty and Trav got out of the house and went to see the NT movie they had been wanting to see for awhile. 

With our cooler weather...we have been outside a nice...

 little friendly game of 1 on 1! haha.

 over the weekend ty and Hanna went to the Tech game with Gamy and Granddaddy. From what I hear they had a great time..and no doubt about that. They both love to watch and cheer for the Red Radiers...and the snacks are usually a big hit too! :)
While everyone was in lubbock, Claire and I enjoyed our time together at her sweet laughs and her daring charge at walking...and put out our fall decor...perfect little day with my baby girl.

And we are grateful for another day the Lord has blessed us with...and the chance to learn at school! :)

Love these 3 to pieces...

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