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Thursday, September 4, 2014

10 Months...

Another Month has come along and Claire is now 10 months....

She is still a great baby and seems to go with the flow...but she really doesn't like to be confined too long...whether it be in the carseat, highchair, arms, shopping cart...she just wants to roam herself.
She tries to keep up with Ty and Hanna and gets so excited to chase after them.

Ty thinks she can say his name...but, it's not exactly as he thinks. haha! 

She does say, "uh-oh" after dropping an item...and although it was cute awhile back..she now plays the "i'm so cute, uh oh," game and...things now remain on the floor....b/c i am not playing fetch! haha. but, her little voice is so cute. 

She waves to "hi, bye and night-night."

Will do the "touchdown" sign.

she started making a face with sound effect that resembles a we call it her fish now she'll do that on! 

her most monumental development is standing from a sitting position without touching anything....however, I have yet to get it on camera...UGH! i am never quick enough...and when she does stand for a long time my phone is usually dead or no space...ugh! even after following her around with my camera..she has yet to perform on cue.
but, she can definitely do it...but apparently is shy about it. she has bit it a few times so she seems to be cautious...soon, I'll get her on camera...until's just blurred half shots.

Has 6 teeth....4 uppers and 2 lowers.

She is still as happy as a clam....
favorite song, "if you're happy and you know it"
will eat anything in sight. although she is the smallest of the 3 kids...she is by far the best eater..


her fish face.

there she is standing...I can never get a pic when she's all the way up...I either get her on the way up or it's always blurry! haha.

She started MDO and has loved I knew she would. she loves to see kids her age. 
We are still trying to adapt to a new that's been a little hard...but, we'll get it down...poor baby girl is just tired. 

peeked in on her class...and there she was in her favorite spot..climbed into the mush pot.

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