Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, September 22, 2014

Anniversary Trip...

Well, It's actually happening....Travis and I are headed to Playa Mujeres, Mexico for our 6th anniversary. We are so very excited to leave tomorrow morning and can't wait to get there. Leaving your kids is always the hardest, although I know they are in great hands/care with their Gamy and is still never easy....from getting everything prepared for them, packing for us, and just leaving in general...especially when Claire is on every 2 hour breathing treatments and slight fever!! EEEEEKKK! so, tomorrow morning will be tough for me..but I know once I get on the airplane and especially when we arrive to our resort I'll be ok! hehe! 
However, we are thankful for all the rain Hurricane Odile has given us...but, we are not so thrilled she's encroaching on our vacation...the weather forcast says rain all, that won't ruin our plans...we'll still have a great, relaxing vaca! :)

Although it might not be super sunny like the lovely picture...this will be our oasis for 5 days...

and while I have envisions of this...

I can totally see Travis doing this...haha!! (or the total opposite)..

we are excited to go here and can't believe it's actually happening...

we will miss these 3 like crazy...

and just know Claire will start stepping and walking while we are Gamy is on video patrol..haha.

Poor Gamy is going to be worn out from playing NT and legos with ty...she'll probably have dreams once she's back home of Ty wanting to play..and Gamy always having to be the "bad guys." haha.
I've tried to explain to him she needs a break..but, we'll see how that goes! ha.

We are thankful our kids have wonderful Grandparents that are willing to always help! :)

Hasta Luego...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall is in the Air...

Now that Fall is upon us (almost anyways) seems like it here in midland, since the weather has been much cooler...and RAINY!, it just feels like Fall...and it's wonderful. 
Plus, other activities have deer lease trips and, it's pretty much considered fall in our house! Ty and Trav have been to the deer lease a couple of times and are gearing up again soon to go....and this time with Hanna! (we'll see if that works out or not)..haha! Claire and I would love to go, but with her age, it's just not practical...hard to keep her entertained while we drive around..and since she's not walking...the ground there really isn't her friend to crawl, we wait at home! :)

Ty is just like his daddy and LOVES to hunt! He gets just as excited about it as travis does...which in turn makes travis beyond happy! haha! 
they have a great time and ty always feels like a Big boy when helping his daddy.
This is the only time Travis will jump out of bed super early! haha! 
Ty was dressed and ready to go at, he went and woke up his daddy so they could go...but, they weren't leaving until 10ish...haha!

The stomach bug went through our house, naturally, once school started, so after Ty got over his and it was Claire's turn...Ty and Trav got out of the house and went to see the NT movie they had been wanting to see for awhile. 

With our cooler weather...we have been outside a nice...

 little friendly game of 1 on 1! haha.

 over the weekend ty and Hanna went to the Tech game with Gamy and Granddaddy. From what I hear they had a great time..and no doubt about that. They both love to watch and cheer for the Red Radiers...and the snacks are usually a big hit too! :)
While everyone was in lubbock, Claire and I enjoyed our time together at her sweet laughs and her daring charge at walking...and put out our fall decor...perfect little day with my baby girl.

And we are grateful for another day the Lord has blessed us with...and the chance to learn at school! :)

Love these 3 to pieces...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

10 Months...

Another Month has come along and Claire is now 10 months....

She is still a great baby and seems to go with the flow...but she really doesn't like to be confined too long...whether it be in the carseat, highchair, arms, shopping cart...she just wants to roam herself.
She tries to keep up with Ty and Hanna and gets so excited to chase after them.

Ty thinks she can say his name...but, it's not exactly as he thinks. haha! 

She does say, "uh-oh" after dropping an item...and although it was cute awhile back..she now plays the "i'm so cute, uh oh," game and...things now remain on the floor....b/c i am not playing fetch! haha. but, her little voice is so cute. 

She waves to "hi, bye and night-night."

Will do the "touchdown" sign.

she started making a face with sound effect that resembles a we call it her fish now she'll do that on! 

her most monumental development is standing from a sitting position without touching anything....however, I have yet to get it on camera...UGH! i am never quick enough...and when she does stand for a long time my phone is usually dead or no space...ugh! even after following her around with my camera..she has yet to perform on cue.
but, she can definitely do it...but apparently is shy about it. she has bit it a few times so she seems to be cautious...soon, I'll get her on camera...until's just blurred half shots.

Has 6 teeth....4 uppers and 2 lowers.

She is still as happy as a clam....
favorite song, "if you're happy and you know it"
will eat anything in sight. although she is the smallest of the 3 kids...she is by far the best eater..


her fish face.

there she is standing...I can never get a pic when she's all the way up...I either get her on the way up or it's always blurry! haha.

She started MDO and has loved I knew she would. she loves to see kids her age. 
We are still trying to adapt to a new that's been a little hard...but, we'll get it down...poor baby girl is just tired. 

peeked in on her class...and there she was in her favorite spot..climbed into the mush pot.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to school...

Summer is officially over for our school started back for the kids on tuesday..but, before heading back to school we took a quick trip to Katy to celebrate our niece/cousin turning 2! It was a great trip and a fun birthday party that was held at My, hanna was totally in her element and  Ty got to act like a ninja turtle going down the T-Bar hang glider...and Claire enjoyed getting to roam and play as well. We left midland friday and came back home sunday...with record time of 7.5 hours..including one stop and driving through Rosas on the way home. That will probably never happen again..but, we are definitely proud of that achievement. haha! 

Out the driveway by 8:30 on friday morning...

once we pulled into katy (area) we first stopped and checked out Gamy and Granddaddy's new house. It's almost finished and looks great. Since they are out of a house, we stayed with Ash and Brian...and that was great spending more time with them.. and the kids just played their hearts out.

saturday was Addison's 2nd she woke up to presents....and later that afternoon was her party...followed by the fam coming back to their house for the Tech game. Great, fun-filled day.

of course, Ty had to bring his sticks. He is not allowed to play in our backyard anymore b/c he hits it over the fence...but, b/c there is not a house directly behind their house, he got to play...but, still hit it over the fence...luckily, just a draw is back there! 

hanna's favorite part of any party...the cupcakes...:)

Sunday mid-morning we headed back to midland...and after eating went down to the pond to fish with ty's new fishing pole and tackle box!

after catching a couple of perch and sweating our body weight...we spooled it up! 

Since monday was Labor Day...we enjoyed the day off as a family...and the cable guy..haha! he was here for several hours. 
But, it was nice having the day off with Trav....he took Ty and Hanna fishing before 8 and Ty caught 6 fish.. he was so excited. I hung back with Claire as she napped and as I waited on the cable guy..don't you love when they give you the 4-5 hour window...and naturally, he didn't show up until almost 2 hours after the allotted time! boo..haha.
we were able to knock a few household chores out of the that was great.

and to top the day off, Trav went Dove hunting with my, of course, that made his day! They both wanted Ty to go..and so did Ty, but since the 1st day of school was the next day...the 10:00 bedtime was not going to be, mean mommy said no...but, Ty only asks everyday, multiple times a day, if he can go dove hunting, and fishing, deer hunting and to go watch the ninja turtle movie...haha...he's got a full list! 

Tuesday, was the day we had been waiting started back up! woohoo! 
I was ready for a little break....but  mainly b/c the kids were! Ty and Hanna both really missed their school and were super excited! Claire of course, didn't know what was about to happen...but she remained in good spirits! ha.
Since all 3 are in the same's super nice and convenient..but requires more organization...phew! 6 teachers, 3 backpacks, 3 lunches, bottles, nap mat for hanna, and I thought I was a pack mule last year...ha!

Ty started 4 year old pre-k...he has the same teachers as last year in the 3 yr old pre-k that was exciting for him..and me, I absolutely loved his teachers. ..and of course, when I told him he doesn't even have to take his nap mat...he was fired up! haha! out of the 12 kids from last year, all but 3 are back. so that is fun for Ty as well! 

Hanna was excited...but didn't understand why she didn't have the same teachers...she moved to the older 2's class.  But, she got reunited with her classmates from last year..and will bond just as much with her new teachers...and of course, wants to check on claire all the time. I have a feeling she'll hold up the line when they are passing the infant class b/c she'll be peeking in on Claire.

Claire Bear started MDO as well in the infant class. I signed her up immediately when I could but then wondered if I was making the right decision...or if I should keep her home...but, I am a huge advocate for MDO or some sort of consistent play group/learning setting...and I knew she would love it...every time she is around kids her age she has the best time. So, I kept her in and I am so glad I did...come to find out...there are only 6 kids in her class..all within days/weeks of each other...and all are siblings of older kids in the, I would have never got her in had I waited. So, it's super fun having friends we know in her class. 
and we face a new problem we have never come across before....there is another Claire in her class..and they are like a week apart! haha! so, those poor teachers! ha! wonder if bottles will ever get mixed up! don't think my Claire will discriminate though! haha!

She had a great first day, the teachers said...she was in a jumper when I came to pick her up...and well, she hasn't been a fan of the jumper anymore for several months she wasn't too thrilled..but wasn't crying! She'll do great, learn a ton and enjoy the socialization! 

my sweet little boy picked me these flowers before walking in! :) love him to pieces! 

After school was over at 3 (all the kids had a great day) was time for hanna to get dressed for a new year of dance and gymnastics that starts at 4.
Since my mom's school is next door to their school and she had to give me some stuff...I just changed her there. worked perfectly! 

showing her passe's and Plie' ....

She was excited to see her friends! 

OH! but, before we traveled to katy and before school started..Hanna got a big girl haircut...second haircut to date! 

Hanna was sooooo excited about, there was no nap....she did stay in her room...but clearly a tornado went through with the culprit jumping on her bed while singing/talking loudly! lol.

since there was no nap..she sat so still and literally almost fell asleep! haha! 

and the finished product! 
she loves it...and I do too. 
but, I have yet to dry it with a round, it doesn't look professionally styled anymore! haha.

Bring on Fall...our favorite time of the year! :)