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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last days of summer...

Just one more week (we can do it, right? ha) until school starts back for the kids...even Claire. 
I think we are all excited for this, as mommy is getting boring, we've done just about all midland has to offer for kids, swimming is getting old...we are just getting burned, we are ready for school, friends, routine, gymnastics/dance and tball! bring on the crazy schedules and crock pot meals.

Ty is about to wear his tires off his jeep...we ride it so much.
Thankful for our park we visit often..

my little swim bug, who is soooo excited to start swim lessons to learn to swim without floaties. We tried a little with just when she turns 3 and gets over her tube surgery..she'll start at the beginning of the year to get ready for summer.

This little guy gets to hit golf balls with Grandpa every matter what time or what he is doing...he always jumps up and gets his stuff ready and waits for Grandpa to get there...he just loves it.

we went to a magic show at the library..Ty absolutely thought it was hilarious. I found myself laughing, not at the magician, but at the fact Ty was having a great time. Warms your heart to see your kids having a great time.

we haven't been to the park much b/c it gets so hot..and we've been busy. But, last minute decision when B&S were here...we hit the park...of course the swings are always the favorite.

They swam and swam..getting in their last days of summer swimming in...

"mommy, we are not tired, we don't need a rest." 
Clearly! haha

Went to chuck e cheese for lunch with friends...actually a pretty good experience. pizza wasn't terrible and all the games worked! and since we were the first ones there at was clean.we had a fun time...and claire got in on some action..and had her first bites of pizza! ha.

Hanna and her boyfriends...oh dear!

on sunday, ty begged and begged to go, he finally wore us down and since Grandpa was still golfing we just took him to a practice driving range.
of course hanna wanted to come, so the whole fam went. that was a little challenge..but Ty had a great time.

but, like always, he was a little irritated that sisters kept "arranging" his balls. haha.

Ty and Hanna (actually, just Hanna) has been wanting to sleep with Ty for awhile now...some nights are successful but most require separation...she's chatty kathy. 
This night, she was separated..but went to check on her later and found her back in ty's bed! haha! 

We've had a wonderful summer...and we have one last trip to  make this weekend for Addison's bday...and then School starts....along with Fall, Football, Hunting...etc...we are excited! 

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