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Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Trip...

We had our first family of 5 Family trip to Ruidoso last weekend. We always are traveling with our families and always go to ruidoso with fam...but, this time we went To be honest, it was a weird feeling...but, it was a great family get a way! Just what we needed. We have been on the go all it was nice to be together...on a little trip.
We went thursday night and got there about 10 texas time..9:00NM time. but, we always stay on TX time..mainly for kids sake. when it's just for a's not worth getting them off their schedule. we left midland with them in their jammies so when we got there they went straight to bed. 
I knew it was going to be cold and rainy, while we were there,.and in a flash flood warning...with no signs of it letting up... we contemplated not going b/c of all that...but then decided to just go for it...we love it too much to not go..even if it meant being cooped up inside...and i'm glad we decided to go! We had the best time. 
The rain would stop off and on during the give us a chance to go on our favorite walks, and be outside. 
Since we were the only ones there we got to claim the "porch" room...where you can hear the river...especially on this trip b/c the river was waaay up and roaring thanks to all the fact...little miss claire decided (thanks to her teething) that sleep is optional for the past month or so...and has not slept night or day much...but, thanks to the river..she would go right down for a nap...still restless at night..but definitely slept much better! would have loved to take the river with us....but, unfortunately it wouldn't fit in my, i am seriously contemplating a noise machine. I have never needed that with my other 2 but...she might soon become the owner of one! :)

Friday morning after eating on the patio..under the umbrella..since it was raining, we went and got groceries(even though we still feels like a vaca..just so relaxing!)...and when we got back we went to check out the river...the river the kids played in just a few months ago was now a white water rapid course. Seriously! I always have my camera with me in ruidoso b/c you never know what you'll see/find! so, we took advantage of the stopped rain and took a few shots...glad we did..b/c that was our only opportunity of the day! :) 

Going down to the river...

Daddy and, in my opinion, his mini me..

and his little monkey girl! 
Hanna is our lover!

Ty is our little ninja! 

And our little happy, smiley girl! 

The 3 of them make us love life even more! so blessed to be their mommy!

and the Roby Clan...never a dull moment. We lead a happy life! 
(thanks to self timers...we get family shots).

"THE BEAR"..this  bear was shot when the house was being 1941...and has been on the wall ever since. So...he is VERY OLD...
I remember as a little girl not wanting to go upstairs b/c the bear scared me....and I see them same in my kids. haha! So, I empathize...and they don't have to go upstairs if they don't want to..haha! 

Hanna is our wild one, fearless! So, naturally, she climbs right up the stairs, unfazed by the bear. 

Ty, on the other hand, will only go up the stairs if someone is with him....however, this 4 1/2 years old..he finally came to terms with the bear..and went up and down the stairs by himself.

Claire...really wanted to go up the stairs..her new favorite activity! 

They loved to go upstairs and "scare" us! haha! love their little laughs! 

when there was a break in the rain..we took advantage and went outside...we love our ruidoso, off we went! 

Ty found a stick that looked like a "T" and when you turned it looked like a "Y". He was so excited...then sister broke it! Story of our lives! haha.

Ty's getting to be quite the photographer! So, now me and Trav can have pics...haha.

about midway in our walk..rain started again..but we didn't mind. It was kinda nice...

again, back under the umbrella as it rained. Last time we were there the wind uprooted the umbrella and broke it. So, my parents (on another trip)...went and got a BIG umbrella and heavy duty, it's not going anywhere..and we are sure glad they did...we thoroughly enjoyed that umbrella...without it we would have never been outside..since it was constantly raining.

night 2..guess who decided to pet the bear....

and to touch the bear..haha.

Love these two, " to the moon and back."

can't believe how big they are getting...

and little sis wants to play with them soooooo badly! she gets soooooo excited when she sees them!

The next day on our walk we decided to go a different route..and we are so glad we did. It was just a great walk..we were actually on an "elk and bear hunt" according to Ty...although we saw lots of their footprints..we didn't see any wildlife on our walk.

but we did get this incredible view...

claire was actually asleep in the stroller...but I just had to wake her up to get her picture in this glad I did! 

Later that day, after naps...we decided to head to the Inn of the Mountain Gods..since it was very cold and, yes, still raining...
again, glad we did. 
Typically, when we are at the cabin we do nothing but hang out, honestly, this was maybe my 3rd time up there...and first time inside...
Ty really wanted to see an indian...even though we told him they all work there..he wanted to see them all dressed up..but the statue had to suffice. 

Even in the rain, we cooked out each night...and enjoyed the outdoors.

Kids got their measure on the wall again since they grew from 2 months ago...each grew a few cm.. :)

the whole fam slept on the porch..since there is a bed and a the first night..hanna and Ty slept on the futon, and claire in her pack and play and me and trav in the bed...well, naturally, THEY ALL end up in bed with the next night...trav and ty were on the futon and me and hanna on the bed...and that's how we had to keep it...our king isn't big enough for all of us..much less a queen or it even could be a double..not sure..either way...not for 5! :)

This is a waterfall...although, with the really can't tell...

The top pic was in may....same spot...crazy!

Hanna wanted "daddy fix my hair." So, he did! :)

Claire enjoyed her watermelon...ha!

had to take a pic of's a rare moment..but so sweet..claire napping...

This little girl makes me laugh...constantly! 


my 3 wonderful blessings...

the only wildlife we saw was a few deer...

ty got to get out of bed on the last night...and cuddled with his daddy.

Sunday morning, it was 48 and raining..the coldest morning of the, we had to stay inside for breakfast. We had intended on staying until lunch and then heading home..but with the weather conditions...we left that morning..

missing this little spot already. 

we had such a wonderful time and we are so thankful we have the cabin to go and relax, breath the fresh air and enjoy God's scenery! 

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