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Saturday, August 23, 2014


We had the privilege to get to know a new pediatric dentist in town through a couple of mutual friends and then, back when he came...a year ago now, I was pregnant with Claire, I told him I would help bring him business with my, finally, we made it to see him at Basin Pediatric Dentistry. Ty had been to a dentist before..but we switched, and I am so glad we did. We had a great experience, from the whole staff..all were great! 
This was Hanna's first time. Some argue being 2 is too little...but, seeing she'll be 3 in a couple of months and she was going to be there with me,Ty and claire anyways, I just scheduled her as well. 
They both did great. In fact, they were both SOO EXCITED to visit the "teeth doctor."
 Ty went first on everything to show Hanna the ropes..and Hanna complied and did just as they said...even sitting for x-rays! 

They really loved watching a movie on the ceiling..thought that was super cool.

The dental assistant was extremely patient and great with them...and me as I also Had Claire with us...

It was great seeing Dr. Zach and he of course did a great job with my kiddos...Ty's teeth looked great...

but, sadly, Hanna had a cavity...pretty deep actually. Felt like a bad mother when he asked if I had seen it before..."ummm, no." haha..whoops. of course, when he showed me it was plain as day. So sad I totally missed that. I don't happen to check their teeth..and when I brush them, the toothpaste is in the, add a 2 year old going on 18 year old attitude, and there's not a chance I am getting  a peak....but, I am definitely going to start trying to peak in more frequently. 
He thought it was just a bad tooth to begin with since all others looked great...but, nevertheless, she is going to need it filled! But, that has to wait until school starts and I can take her by myself.  so, we have an appt in 2 weeks.  Just not sure what sedation to use on my little princess. We are going to try laughing gas first but if that doesn't work then more sedation. 
Sounds like a mommy and hanna day coming up...:)

She did excellent while he poked, prodded and cleaned. 
Got a little antsy at the end..but was able to finish.

They were also excited to get a "sugar free" tooth shaped sucker at the end...but, the baggie that included a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss may have been the front runner. They had been looking forward to that since I made the appt. haha! 

After we got home the first thing Ty did was go in his bathroom and brush his teeth..haha...and Hanna  goes and paints her bathroom with her toothpaste (ugh)...but, she has been a little better at letting me (versus her) brush her teeth so she doesn't get anymore "holes" in her teeth! 

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  1. They're so cute! What's even better is that they were excited to go to the "teeth doctor". Not many parents can boast of having children that are like that. Have you finished the follow-up appointment with Hanna? If you haven't gone yet, getting sedation might do the trick for her. This lessens the chance of her being scared on what's about to happen. Either way, I hope your succeeding dental visits are as fun as this one!

    Warren Fitzgerald @ Brockington Dental