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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9 months..

Peek a boo, 9 months...we see you!

Little Claire Bear is 9 Months! 

She has definitely picked up the pace of crawling and is a speedster now...
Favorite place to head off to are the stairs...not going to lie..she has had a few spills on them..
she is trying to stand up on her own....getting very, very close.
of course, would rather stand than sit.
Enjoys all foods..only eats table food and still nurses every 3 hours during the day. right now everything is her favorite.
She's At that lovely age of being a personal vacuum...something is constantly in her mouth..even ty and hanna help fish stuff out. ha.
Still laughs and smiles all the time...and gets so excited to see her siblings...very soon she'll be with them running around.
has 5 teeth..3 uppers and 2 lower.

Usually is a good sleeper...but thanks to her teeth...she has not kept that up...

This is what it looks like each time I put her down for a nap or bedtime...she stands and screams until i go get her. Sooo...we go on frequent walks or car rides...the only way to get her to sleep..

At night after battling on and off for hours..i finally cave and bring her in bed with us, let her fall asleep and then put back in crib....
this night, she wanted to play with daddy..who was sleeping..clearly, she wasn't as tired as the rest of us! 

Other than her pesky teeth....she is doing excellent. on.the.move.

This is her trying to stand up from a sitting position...she'll figure it out soon.

she's just so proud of herself...

We just had her 9M checkup..and well, our little girl is just that....little TINY.
She is still rocking the 15lb mark..and is now up to 15 lb 13 oz..almost to 16 little girl..haha! so, our wittle baby girl is in 7% (that is not a typo)...she is a teeny tiny thing. 
and was 27" long..32%. 

 Although, the Dr was not concerned about her weight...I as a mother, am!...thankfully she is exceeding her milestones...but she needs to be plumped my mind. So, I decided I am going to supplement her...and see if that will help gain weight! I have always been concerned she wasn't getting enough b/c she eats in about 10 min. and is good. and when she is fed a bottle she never finishes it and only eats a few ounces. She just isn't hungry. She eats great when she wakes up and then next feed...but after that, she just snacks. So, I am going to supplement in afternoons and nighttime (and hopefully, that'll help her sleep too...crossing my fingers). I was sent supplementing formula for breastfed babies by, I told the Dr about that..and she said, they had samples, we have a few of those now and that's what she is going to get. Yes, I have frozen breastmilk, that I know is the best for her, but, I want her to have something more, I am going to just supplement with formula and then go back for a month and get a weight check to see if it's made any difference! 
She has always been petit...but below 10% scares me...she needs to be bigger...and have more calories..especially now that she is on the go!

Thankfully, everything was perfect and she is a healthy girl! :)

and of course, Leo had to come as well! 

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