Rollin' with the Roby's

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last days of summer...

Just one more week (we can do it, right? ha) until school starts back for the kids...even Claire. 
I think we are all excited for this, as mommy is getting boring, we've done just about all midland has to offer for kids, swimming is getting old...we are just getting burned, we are ready for school, friends, routine, gymnastics/dance and tball! bring on the crazy schedules and crock pot meals.

Ty is about to wear his tires off his jeep...we ride it so much.
Thankful for our park we visit often..

my little swim bug, who is soooo excited to start swim lessons to learn to swim without floaties. We tried a little with just when she turns 3 and gets over her tube surgery..she'll start at the beginning of the year to get ready for summer.

This little guy gets to hit golf balls with Grandpa every matter what time or what he is doing...he always jumps up and gets his stuff ready and waits for Grandpa to get there...he just loves it.

we went to a magic show at the library..Ty absolutely thought it was hilarious. I found myself laughing, not at the magician, but at the fact Ty was having a great time. Warms your heart to see your kids having a great time.

we haven't been to the park much b/c it gets so hot..and we've been busy. But, last minute decision when B&S were here...we hit the park...of course the swings are always the favorite.

They swam and swam..getting in their last days of summer swimming in...

"mommy, we are not tired, we don't need a rest." 
Clearly! haha

Went to chuck e cheese for lunch with friends...actually a pretty good experience. pizza wasn't terrible and all the games worked! and since we were the first ones there at was clean.we had a fun time...and claire got in on some action..and had her first bites of pizza! ha.

Hanna and her boyfriends...oh dear!

on sunday, ty begged and begged to go, he finally wore us down and since Grandpa was still golfing we just took him to a practice driving range.
of course hanna wanted to come, so the whole fam went. that was a little challenge..but Ty had a great time.

but, like always, he was a little irritated that sisters kept "arranging" his balls. haha.

Ty and Hanna (actually, just Hanna) has been wanting to sleep with Ty for awhile now...some nights are successful but most require separation...she's chatty kathy. 
This night, she was separated..but went to check on her later and found her back in ty's bed! haha! 

We've had a wonderful summer...and we have one last trip to  make this weekend for Addison's bday...and then School starts....along with Fall, Football, Hunting...etc...we are excited! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014


We had the privilege to get to know a new pediatric dentist in town through a couple of mutual friends and then, back when he came...a year ago now, I was pregnant with Claire, I told him I would help bring him business with my, finally, we made it to see him at Basin Pediatric Dentistry. Ty had been to a dentist before..but we switched, and I am so glad we did. We had a great experience, from the whole staff..all were great! 
This was Hanna's first time. Some argue being 2 is too little...but, seeing she'll be 3 in a couple of months and she was going to be there with me,Ty and claire anyways, I just scheduled her as well. 
They both did great. In fact, they were both SOO EXCITED to visit the "teeth doctor."
 Ty went first on everything to show Hanna the ropes..and Hanna complied and did just as they said...even sitting for x-rays! 

They really loved watching a movie on the ceiling..thought that was super cool.

The dental assistant was extremely patient and great with them...and me as I also Had Claire with us...

It was great seeing Dr. Zach and he of course did a great job with my kiddos...Ty's teeth looked great...

but, sadly, Hanna had a cavity...pretty deep actually. Felt like a bad mother when he asked if I had seen it before..."ummm, no." haha..whoops. of course, when he showed me it was plain as day. So sad I totally missed that. I don't happen to check their teeth..and when I brush them, the toothpaste is in the, add a 2 year old going on 18 year old attitude, and there's not a chance I am getting  a peak....but, I am definitely going to start trying to peak in more frequently. 
He thought it was just a bad tooth to begin with since all others looked great...but, nevertheless, she is going to need it filled! But, that has to wait until school starts and I can take her by myself.  so, we have an appt in 2 weeks.  Just not sure what sedation to use on my little princess. We are going to try laughing gas first but if that doesn't work then more sedation. 
Sounds like a mommy and hanna day coming up...:)

She did excellent while he poked, prodded and cleaned. 
Got a little antsy at the end..but was able to finish.

They were also excited to get a "sugar free" tooth shaped sucker at the end...but, the baggie that included a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss may have been the front runner. They had been looking forward to that since I made the appt. haha! 

After we got home the first thing Ty did was go in his bathroom and brush his teeth..haha...and Hanna  goes and paints her bathroom with her toothpaste (ugh)...but, she has been a little better at letting me (versus her) brush her teeth so she doesn't get anymore "holes" in her teeth! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surgery Day...

It's official..the whole fam has either been in the hospital or surgery....
Ty- at 7M with croup
Hanna at 10M with tubes in ears
Claire at 6M with bronchitis and rhinovirus
Me: having all 3 of my darlings..(plus a knee surgery)

and Now Trav..with his knee surgery!

His right knee has been bothering him for a long while now. He went to an NP awhile back and she said it was just excessive cartilage making the popping noise that would occur each time he squatted down. 
He likes to run, but has not been able to b/c it is painful.

So, he went back to a different Dr this time and after X-rays and MRI they discovered a torn meniscus that was causing all the pain and popping. 
So, laproscopic surgery was performed and the Dr knew he was going to fix meniscus but didn't know, until he was in surgery, if anything else was wrong. 

Travis was a little anxious/nervous since it was his first time for a surgery...besides his wisdom teeth...and from what I have been told about that...he was quite the, he was also worried about what he may say after anesthesia..haha...

Since my sister and kids were in town, we were able to drop ty and hanna off with a babysitter that morning (everyone had to work)...and claire got to tag along b/c we didn't know how long it was going to take...we were just told to be there at she was a trooper and went with us. 

So, we got there around 10:30! haha..a little anxious.

and we waited in the waiting room for a good hour..until being called back.

They got trav all geared up for surgery...first IV...and no tears. I was so proud! haha! 

And he got a little pampered..and got his leg shaved...he wasn't too thrilled...I on the other hand was a little jealous! haha! I needed that service! 

While we waited...little Claire finally took a little snooze...and little it was...(15 min)! 

It was not the easiest age  to take with me...being active and wanting to go, go, go...but, not able to walk..
I put shoes on her for the first time to keep her feet off the nasty floor. 
But, she did great and we, she helped me pass the time by...great little companion! :)

At 2:00 they wheeled trav back...
The con about being the last surgery (which we were just told)...we were there from 10:30-4:30...the and claire got to hang out in his room instead of going back to waiting area..since the room wasn't going to be used again. 
That was nice. Not that it mattered to Claire...but in order to not disturb other people waiting and to have a little more room..we stayed!

and I felt like I was in elementary school again, when they wheeled in the TV for movie day! haha!  
so we watched a little rachel ray while we waited...

and claire played with her favorite toy of the day...

Around 2:45 the dr came in and said, surgery was a success and John (ha) did great! 
He took 3 pages of pics...but this page shows the tear in the meniscus...the top 4 show the "extra flap" that was caused by the tear and the bottom 2 show the space now without the extra cartilage and meniscus. everything else in the  knee looked that was wonderful news.

About 3:00 he came out for post op....feeling "Awesome" (i may have left off a word in that phrase) and "I didn't come out like hercules." 

b/c I was told of the effects from his wisdom teeth...I too was scared about what he could say, so, after those 2 phrases I told him to just rest..and not! 
but, then he did tell the nurse, "this is the best wife." so, I let him continue talking...haha!

and we were able to leave after an hour or so of post op care....and he did just as they said, walked right out by  himself. Thought it was crazy. 

After getting him a milkshake, he retired to the couch! oh wait, no he didn't....let me just tell you what he did. I was feeding Claire, and i hear footsteps on the stairs..and I yell, "Travis what are you doing." his response, "I am just going upstairs."
In a yelling nice tone, I explained to him how that was not a wise decision...but against my wishes he proceeded on...b/c, "i doesn't hurt." That anesthesia is one good drug! haha! lucky, he had a good trip TO GET A BLANKET! silly kid! 
So, he then officially retired to the couch..and became a good patient and did his IS. 
side note on the spirometer...while in post-op the nurse was explaining to him how to use, she said, here you try. so he took a huge breath in and breathed right into the spirometer....and nothing happened (b/c you are supposed to inhale)...and he got sad and said, "oh no, nothing happened."
Funniest.thing.ever...still makes me laugh! 
Pain meds make you do funny things! 

but, he got the hang of it and knocked it out of the ballpark...and every hour complied and did it 10 times each!

Ty and Hanna spent the night with my, Claire was my helper.

"daddy, you ok?"

Hanna will be THE BEST helper when she comes back home...she is quite the little nurse/mommy!

He took a hydrocodone before bed and actually feel asleep on the couch. Since he looked comfy and completely out...I just left him there when I went to bed. 
(so I got the entire bed to myself..hehe)
Until about 5:15 when I heard him come limping in...and he mentioned he was in pain. So, I helped in get in bed and got him more pain meds...he asked for the remote..turned the TV on...and was out in seconds..haha!

This morning he went to PT were they took his dressing off and worked with him for an hour. He did great on all the straigtening exercises..but the bending ones got to him...but, he has a print out of the exercises to work on...

It's still real swollen...but, looks great!

He is just so excited to get it rehabbed and feeling great again...

We have the best of friends who have called, text, messaged, offered food, thoughts and prayers..and we are so grateful for all of them.

and the Dr was great, the surgery center and PT have been wonderful...great experience for us! 

We may complain midland is gaining too many people....but there are such wonderful and generous people here.and we are blessed to know them!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9 months..

Peek a boo, 9 months...we see you!

Little Claire Bear is 9 Months! 

She has definitely picked up the pace of crawling and is a speedster now...
Favorite place to head off to are the stairs...not going to lie..she has had a few spills on them..
she is trying to stand up on her own....getting very, very close.
of course, would rather stand than sit.
Enjoys all foods..only eats table food and still nurses every 3 hours during the day. right now everything is her favorite.
She's At that lovely age of being a personal vacuum...something is constantly in her mouth..even ty and hanna help fish stuff out. ha.
Still laughs and smiles all the time...and gets so excited to see her siblings...very soon she'll be with them running around.
has 5 teeth..3 uppers and 2 lower.

Usually is a good sleeper...but thanks to her teeth...she has not kept that up...

This is what it looks like each time I put her down for a nap or bedtime...she stands and screams until i go get her. Sooo...we go on frequent walks or car rides...the only way to get her to sleep..

At night after battling on and off for hours..i finally cave and bring her in bed with us, let her fall asleep and then put back in crib....
this night, she wanted to play with daddy..who was sleeping..clearly, she wasn't as tired as the rest of us! 

Other than her pesky teeth....she is doing excellent. on.the.move.

This is her trying to stand up from a sitting position...she'll figure it out soon.

she's just so proud of herself...

We just had her 9M checkup..and well, our little girl is just that....little TINY.
She is still rocking the 15lb mark..and is now up to 15 lb 13 oz..almost to 16 little girl..haha! so, our wittle baby girl is in 7% (that is not a typo)...she is a teeny tiny thing. 
and was 27" long..32%. 

 Although, the Dr was not concerned about her weight...I as a mother, am!...thankfully she is exceeding her milestones...but she needs to be plumped my mind. So, I decided I am going to supplement her...and see if that will help gain weight! I have always been concerned she wasn't getting enough b/c she eats in about 10 min. and is good. and when she is fed a bottle she never finishes it and only eats a few ounces. She just isn't hungry. She eats great when she wakes up and then next feed...but after that, she just snacks. So, I am going to supplement in afternoons and nighttime (and hopefully, that'll help her sleep too...crossing my fingers). I was sent supplementing formula for breastfed babies by, I told the Dr about that..and she said, they had samples, we have a few of those now and that's what she is going to get. Yes, I have frozen breastmilk, that I know is the best for her, but, I want her to have something more, I am going to just supplement with formula and then go back for a month and get a weight check to see if it's made any difference! 
She has always been petit...but below 10% scares me...she needs to be bigger...and have more calories..especially now that she is on the go!

Thankfully, everything was perfect and she is a healthy girl! :)

and of course, Leo had to come as well!