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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Katy Adventures...

On, thursday, July 3rd....the Roby clan loaded up and went to Katy to visit Gamy and Granddaddy and all the family and friends there..for a week and a half! Travis drove with us..but then flew back to midland on monday to work that week...and then flew back to houston on friday...and we all drove back to midland on sunday!
The kids did good...Ty watched a movie and I loaded up entertainment from the dollar store..

When we travel...we don't stop...we just keep on going. We pack lunches and food and take off...we do stop once for gas...but other than that..we just pit stop on the side of the road for potty breaks..or to feed claire. We try and synchronize our stops to be more, potty, gas! :) 
we had to stop twice to feed claire, and once for gas...and made it in 7.5 hrs. :)
The way back was a little longer..but, not much..made it in 8 hrs. 

I went to the dollar store and bought cookie trays and used my spray paint chalkboard it was a magnetic board and chalkboard..those were a it doubled as a lego tray! :)
Of course, the Snackeez made the trip! 
I also found foam stickers and notepads at the $1 store...those were another big hit...but somewhere in the packing the princess stickers didn't make it..only the sports ones....that caused a little drama..but, we got through it! haha! 

oh, and got pipe cleaners....all kinds of things were made...even Trav got in on the action and made ty's request of a baseball player and bat....pretty impressive if i do say so myself! :)

We got there late that afternoon and Gamy and supper ready for us and ashley, brian and addison met us there.

We celebrated July 4th at Gamy and Granddaddy's...swimming and cooking out the all american hamburgers and hot dogs! :) the neighbors shot off fireworks...and since it was after woke ty up so he went outside and saw a few! Funny, how your patriotism changes when you have kids. haha!

aunt ash getting some claire time...and claire bonding with her new cousin...yup, another cousin due in january! :) Ty says boy and hanna says girl...what will it be???

saturday, we went to the beach were travis' aunt and uncle have a house...the whole family was there...except a few due to illnesses and school...and we missed them dearly...but it was fun seeing everyone else. Jenn had set up a little water park for the kids and they had a blast. The weather was perfect and we all had a great time. We got to meet little Jackson, who is just 2 weeks younger than they had a good time chatting! :) Hanna missed her close in age cousin, Ella..(who was sick) but had fun keeping up with the boys...and ended up getting her Ella time in later that week.

View from their porch...

Ty really enjoyed the horse shoe game...very serious about it! haha.

and the slip and slide is always a hit.

Gigi and great granddaddy!

after a delicious hot was beach time. 

Jenn and Hanna made a little mermaid...hanna was in charge of collecting shells.

Ty and McCain loved body boarding. They had the best time. 

the girls...just missing Jenn. 

these 2 boys are 1 day apart...and hilarious together.

Claire and Jackson meeting...
cousins...minus 1. all under age of 4.

The kids got to meet Grandma that was a treat.

since trav didn't fly back until late monday night...he got to attend the zoo date! always a fun time at the zoo...the houston zoo is just so neat.

we got to see the little baby elephant..hard to see in the pic..but it stayed right next to it's sweet.

monkeys are always fun to watch..and you view them indoors...with A/C! :)

we often watch the zoo cam online...that shows the monkeys, rhinos and the kids especially love seeing those in real life.

can't go to the zoo without a carousel ride.

and this trip was extra fun...b/c they rode the train.

all the cousins were able to get together, this was a special pic. gigi and great granddaddy with all their great grandkids.

and McCain even got to spend the night with ty...they had a blast.

Another night..longtime friends, came over...ty always loves playing with them..and Claire was able to meet her friend...who is only 3 days older.

 Oh, backtrack...on sunday, Trav and I were able to venture into houston and see baby madison who is in the NICU. such a treat meeting her. she is doing great..but still needs prayers. 

One morning (sorry, my days are all kind of mixed up) we had a playdate with James and Emrey...

Emery and Claire 2 months apart...

 Gamy and Nana with their baby girls... while the rest golfed...

Ty was super, super excited about playing golf. they have a putting green right next to their, James had to show us...and Ty could have stayed there all day....but the bathroom called his name..haha.

while we were there i took hanna to dr since she had been complaining of her ear hurting. very nice and fast clinic..who told me her tube had fallen out (woohoo)..and prob had swimmers ear...but he still gave her an antibiotic ear drop. :) kinda put a damper on her swimming since she couldn't get her hair wet..but, she did an excellent job of following those rules...and instead of jumping in like a maniac..she did it ever so

Later that afternoon, she and Ella finally got to play...babies, hair and dancing. two peas in a pod. even had HH together...milkshake style!

pizza party..

wednesday, me and hanna got to attend My Gym with Addison. Hanna had a great time...she was in her element. 

while we did that...ty and granddaddy went to putt-putt!

That night for dinner it was RainForest Cafe...Claire and I stayed home since she was having a hard time sleeping..but, the stories i heard..they enjoyed it! except hanna didn't like the frog!haha. and they had "cake and ice cream with a sparkler"! lol. 

more devine/roby pics...

in order to get claire to sleep she got a daily stroll..or a ride in the car!
she was tired, and, on friday when her breathing got super labored and she was struggling... i had to call our dr..who listened to her breathing over the phone and told me to take her to ER!, me and the kids went to ER and i just couldn't bring myself to go inside! and i knew all she needed was a breathing treatment. luckily, my SIL Has an ER  nurse friend and told me to go to an urgent care affiliated with that hospital! aahhhh it was great, fast, clean and small! they gave claire a breathing treatment and let us borrow a neb machine for the remainder of our stay....which was so nice. she's still doing treatments, but not as often..she's def getting better.  side note..lesson learned..i will never again travel without nebulizer! 

Saturday we had a wedding to attend...and bc claire was doing better we felt comfortable having the babysitter still come...btw...first time my kids had a real babysitter...and they did great..and the babysitter was wonderful. very thankful our current midland neighbors use to live and katy and gave me her number. :) 
but bc of claire's breathing issues...we had to miss the wedding ceremony and just attend the was a beautiful wedding and always a great time seeing all the Katy/Houston friends. 

kinda bittersweet...b/c that was the last time visiting this Katy house...where travis has grown up in...his parents are building a new home in a different area...even though we are excited for hit trav before we left that he'll never enter that house again...b/c they have to be out at the end of the month! :) but, the memories go with you...and new memories will be made.

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