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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Golf Camp...

One of the golf courses here held a Jr Golf camp for 4-8 yr, Ty and Brady were signed up. Although, it was mentioned they would have golf clubs available for the kids, Grandpa wanted to make sure his Grandsons were well equipped! So, Golf clubs were ordered, name tags were made and  the bag was filled with balls and tees. Not sure who was more excited about it all...the boys or Grandpa! haha! 
Over the weekend they took their new get-up to the golf course to when monday came they were all ready for golf camp. 
Golf is something Ty has always enjoyed. The constant sport he enjoys...year round. So, I can not describe his excitement. 
This was one of Brady's first times playing...and he really got the hang of it. 
They had about 14 kids in their session...was way more than I had anticipated...from 8:30-9:30.
On monday they worked on putting and chipping....Tuesday, they went to the driving range, and Wednesday they got to play one hole...(short version...probably 75 yards from hole)....
they both did very well and listened to their instructors and had a great time. 

Next year camp will gain 1 more as Sophi was very sad she couldn't participate...but, next year...she will be...hope they are ready for her! haha! 

My kids are blessed with wonderful Grandparents...and we are very thankful for them.

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