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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Girls trip...

I am extremely blessed having my mom and sister as my best friends...we enjoy being around each other and we always have a great time. (might not have always been the case growing up..haha..but can't imagine not having my sister now). We typically take a girls trip every year...but with the additions of has been difficult...The last time we had a mother/daughter trip was 8 years ago when we went to San Fran...
So, when my parents asked what I wanted for my birthday, I had nothing I really wanted or, I asked for a girls trip! Since my birthday was back in May when Claire was still eating every 2 hours....It may it near impossible to travel without my milk bank wouldn't supply her for a couple of days..nor did I want to be pumping that frequently! So, we postponed the trip until last weekend..(7/25). Although I am still nursing, I had the frozen milk supply...and only had to pump about 4 times a day. Not bad.
Thursday, after the dads got home from work (yes, the dad's had the kiddos went to the lake, since it's halfway from here and our final destination...Fredericksburg! So, my mom and I met my sister there that night..chatted for awhile and then hit the hay...b/c like my sister says, "there is no sleeping when you travel with mom." We are up and at 'em ready for the day..early! But, we had a lot to fit in during our 2 day get away! 

Friday morning we woke up to 2 baby deer (twins) and their cute! and so appropriate for our trip! a momma and her 2 girls! 

by 8am..we were in the car ready to leave! 

We got to Fredericksburg when the town opens...10...hit a few shops...and then stop at Bejas for lunch...and finished just in time to head to the hotel...and get checked in...

We were kinda in a time crunch..since our shopping and lunch took a little longer than, while mom checked us in my sister and I took our luggage up...or so we thought. we had room, we got to the elevator, looked at each other and said, "there is not a 4." so...we got off the elevator, back to the front desk where they then showed us our these cute little cottages over looking the creek!  it was so cute..and just perfect! 

then we headed to our massages! with 3 masseuse we were able to go all at one time...worked out great! It was such a marvelous we all needed! 
(I snuck in my sisters room..hehe)...

Like mentioned before, I am still nursing Claire..., they say you need to be relaxed and hydrated to help your milk come down....Well, the whole time I was getting my massage I kept wondering if It was really working..b/c I was incredibly relaxed. so, when I turned over on my back, and my eyes were covered with a eucalyptus scented towel...I couldn't help but wonder if i was leaking...haha! thank goodness I never did...but was ready to pump afterwards! hahaha.

It was glorious!

So then we were all relaxed and therefore, back to shopping! 

Since the stores close around 5-6 we then went to dinner at Otto's and had a delicious meal! 
Headed back to the room and just relaxed outside in our rockers...
This little fella was our guard frog! 

Next day, after hitting a couple more stores we went to HEB and got a few lunch items and then went to a few winery's. 

Back Story:  When my sister and I were little we went to Fredericksburg often....our favorite store was this candle shop where they make and design their own candles..but our favorite aspect about it was you could get your hand dipped in wax and make a mold....we loved that. Sadly, since the trip was 4-5 hours away..our molds usually melted since we kept playing with them...
So, here's the store....aahhhh, the memories! 

First on our wine tour was Becker Vineyards...they have the best outdoor area! So beautiful.
We had a tasting, then got a bottle, brought our cooler up and had a nice little picnic while listening to live music...who was actually really good! Soooo  nice! 

We had intentions of going to a different winery but on our way to Becker Vineyards we passed Messina Hoff..based out of Bryan. I happen to actually enjoy their we made a stop there instead...and glad we did. Great wine and fun workers. 

Lastly, we had to stop at Grape Creek Vineyards...where my mom and sister are apart of their wine, with that, you and a guest get either a free tasting or a glass of, we just had a glass of wine, brought our snacks and enjoyed the beautiful scenery! 
Let me just say, The Hill country is beautiful, the food and beverages were delicious..but having 2 days of non-interrupted conversations was FABULOUS! It was a great feeling being able to complete your entire sentence!'s the little things in life! HA! 

After our wine adventures we went back to the hotel and relaxed by the pool...then moved our party to a shaded table overlooking the river....and again, brought our cooler up and had a picnic again...and then called it a night!
That's another perk of traveling with my mom and sister, we can munch off the same foods for several meals...nothing big required. Our chicken salad, sushi rolls, summer sausage, cheese, crackers, fruit and hummus was the perfect meal... :)

Sadly, after breakfast on sunday we headed asked travis if there was enough milk stored up for us to stay another day...haha..but, we all had to get back to the real world!
IT was seriously the best time and the best bday present. Shopping, pampering, food, wine and just being with relaxing.

Hopefully soon we can do it all over again with the guys...just need an au pair! :)

You might wonder what Trav and the kids did while I was gone...
Thanks to trav always sending me pics (per request..haha)..this is a little glimpse.
But, first let me just say, no matter how old your kids is NEVER EASY leaving them. This was probably the 3rd time I have ever left Ty...second for hanna and Claire.... (man, I really need to get out more..haha)...and Ty had a very hard time..which made it hard for me. It's the leaving that's the worst...and then you both get over it..haha!
thanks to donuts and swim parties..Ty finally released me! I sure do have a sweet, sweet little boy! 

Anyways, Friday, They went and got donuts, went to the park and that night had pizza and watched "The Lego Movie." Ty apparently enjoyed the movie...of course, hanna didn't watch it...therefore, trav didn't....but, glad Ty enjoyed himself. haha

At some point they went to SuperMercado and ran into Elsa...haha.

Pizza and movie night...

I got daily morning pics....

and, they were all excited about HJB swim party...
and told me later about how much fun they had!
Travis got the father of the year award on that one! :)

Sunday, this little girl waited here for awhile, watching out the window for my return...doubtful she lasted long there! but, thanks babe for capturing the sweet moment! :)

and back with my favorite little boy...He had been running in the house, bit it...and busted his lip.
I had a fantastic time...but, sure was nice seeing my little family! 
And, Trav was ready for me to be back as well..but pretty sure not b/c he missed me...but for a break! lol.
he did a great job, the house was even picked up (beds made and all..woooaaa)...and they all survived..main thing! :) 
So...that means one thing....when's the next trip???

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