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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aunt time...

I love bing a mom...but next in line is being an aunt. 
The last few days brady and sophi have been with us and it's fun letting them do things things with them that they don't always get to do....
plus, my kids have, it gives me a little break! hehe!
Lots of pool time, ninja turtles, legos, cars and baby dolls...
and of course, the ice cream shop.

went to our clubhouse pool and brady requested to take "the buggy" aka the mule! he also refers to it as "the tractor." the name always varies! ha such a farmers son.

Since claire was born travis has been in charge of bedtime book/story time. This night everyone wanted to sleep we gave it a chance. With the exception of Hanna, who had to go back to her room b/c she couldn't stop socializing, everyone went to sleep well...we were shocked!  ha!

little claire tries to keep up..and gets sad when everyone leaves the room..

Casey got to see golf camp day #1...and then left to go back to abilene..

Ty had asked me the day before, for a "pen and paper?" I asked why, and his response was, "because, yesterday you forgot to go to the ice cream store, so if you write it down and make a list then you won't forget." lol. valid point, ty! the ice cream shop we went! brady said, "lindsey, this is the best day ever." :) and, that's why being an aunt is the best! 

and soon...we'll be on our way to our other nieces 2nd bday party! My kids are blessed with many cousins...their age! makes it fun for all.

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