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Monday, July 14, 2014

8 months...

On July, 4th...the USA celebrated Claire turning 8M old...haha! although, the fireworks in the neighborhood were pretty..they really shouldn't have! haha! all new ballgame when you have sleeping children! 
Claire spent her 8M milestone at Gamy and Granddaddy's in Katy. 

at 8M still rocking the 15lb mark...almost to the 16 lb..ha!
still has 2 bottom teeth but 2 uppers are going to cut anyway...and let me tell you..she is not a fan. those mean ole teeth.
still eats every 3-4 hours...but really would prefer just table food...she loves anything you give her. all veggies, fruit, etc...she loves it.
has the biggest smiles and talks away..(when she has the chance)...makes the sweetest sounds..
she has the "d" sound i work on the "m" A LOT! lol.

Is an Official crawler...(as of 7.5M). however, unlike my other 2 speed crawlers..she takes her time and takes everything in. 
Pulls up to her knees...and depending on the object will pull all the way up...but she has bit it a couple of she's a little cautious. she actually tries hard to stand from a sitting position...she really wants to walk like the rest of us. 

Waves hi and sounds like she says, "hi"...might just be her first word. 

She is just the sweetest little thing that goes with the flow..and we love her dearly!

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