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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Last week, me, the kids and my mom loaded up and went to Ruidoso. The Cabin is always a favorite summer spot...and we get so excited to go up there. We left after lunch on wednesday and came back monday afternoon. My sister and her kids met us up there thursday for time of relaxation. yes, you may be thinking with 5 kids that doesn't sound very "rest" ful...but, there is something about being in the mountains that makes it more peaceful. We do absolutely nothing but enjoy God's beautiful scenery. We take daily walks..and even ventured off the street one day for a little "hike"..the kids loved that. and of course, the favorite part is playing in the river. Each year the river changes and this year it was absolutely perfect for our kids. Just the right depth for walking in and there was even a "pool" (as the kids called it)...thanks to a little that was just perfect for swimming! Although the temperature is cooler there than in Midland, the sun is way more, if you're in the's hot! so the super cold water felt great..after the initial chill. ha! 
As far as wildlife goes, we only saw deer..and lots of them. No bears or Elk this trip. 
The kids were scared of the bear on the wall...well, I take that back, all but Brady. Ty, faced his fear and would go up the stairs where the bear resides  on the wall, but only with somebody with him. Hanna elephant climbed it like a champ and just looked down the whole time...haha..that girl! Sophi, didn't seem to phased by it...and of course, claire didn't even realize it was fear! lol. 
Of all the 700 pics I took..that was not! 
We typically take a trip to town to shop, etc...but, we found hanging at the cabin was the best for this trip...just relaxing and smelling the pine! it! 
Sorry for all the pics..since I use this blog to document our are for that reason! :) 

It's cold in the mornings and, thursday morning we were a little bundled before our big trip to town to the wal-mart for groceries! :) 
walking sticks are always a fav..

claire's first trip to the cabin at almost 7 months! 

The deer are very friendly..or actually, just hungry..and know our cabin feeds them..hehe! 
A couple of years ago when sophi was a baby and my sister was nursing her on the porch..there was a momma deer that literally almost nursed from my sister...she wanted milk and wouldn't leave casey alone..we laughed but at the same became scary as the deer would not back up..haha!
this year..not sure if it was the same momma deer..but this deer followed me and claire around..and I wasn't even nursing...guess she could just smell me. Again, since I was holding claire it started to make me nervous but we finally escaped...and i got her, her own deer food. Crazy deer! haha.

Travis would be proud b/c both Ty and hanna can spot a deer a mile away...and more time than not..hanna shoots them. 

while at the cabin my rule is the kids must stay inside..unless for sleeping reasons...we even eat all meals outside...b/c well, you with kids know how messy it can get..and it's easier to spray off the porch than to clean it in the house..haha...
so..the kids had a pick-up game of soccer...Ty vs Sophi! 

while they played, Brady was the commentator...and Hanna the cheerleader! :) lol!

It was a close match...but Ty pulled out the "W"...haha.
(It really was comical to watch...and I actually for see this in our future)..

Down to the River we go...

When in Bear as the Bears do..

Such a big girl..

Ty's find at the wal-mart...of course, NT clothes. 

everybody likes to hold,  Hanna! but actually, these 2 love each other so much. hanna loves her brady bear.

My favorite little ninja turtle!

Sophia Grace...although she is quite the opposite of Grace...such a mess but we love her wild self! 

when my great-grandparents built the cabin they made their handprints in the here they are putting their hands in the molds (my great-grandparents, grandmothers and great-aunt)...pretty neat and special.

This stump was sophi's stage last year...and again this year! This girl is OBSESSED with Frozen and queen Elsa! I mean, seriously! she can almost recite the whole movie since that's her movie of choice on roadtrips...and when you have a 4 hour can watch in 2 times....soo..we watched that movie 5 times on just one trip! lol! So...she is always, singing every song (just like they do)...and wears capes to be "Elsa."
She cracks me up! 

Sophi's audience..:)

boys were so proud to climb the logs.

On our walks at home I get lots of ruidoso, I also get flowers but lots of rocks as well...if I was able to keep all my treasures, I'd have a huge flower nursery by now! :) but, I love each one I matter how many there are! :)

these 2 stick together!

back to the river...

aunt casey took claire on her first back trip and to the river! 

Mom-mom's favorite thing is to play in the naturally, it's her grandkids favorite as well!
Mom likes to move rocks to make the river flow better and the kids throw rocks in to see the splash..makes mom's job harder..haha! 

sophi being Moses and trying to part the sea..haha. She didn't care to walk in the river..but she loved the swimming hole.

down goes brady...and soon after...Hanna..

this one doesn't like to get his clothes wet..haha.

and this one..doesn't like to stay dry! 

Hanna was happier than a kid in a candy shop...she was loving it! 

p.s...she wanted to wear her hair like Elsa's..haha.

Brady amd sophi going for a swim...

claire's first time in the river...

and she liked it...

but that's as far as she went...and hers and her aunts fair skin had to get in the shade...haha.

see her new teeth?

brady also loves Claire...and wanted a picture with her.

5 of the luckiest grandkids to have such a great mom-mom!

and one lucky mom to have 3 great kiddos..

hanna's wal-mart find...princess jammies! 

Time to get your mark on the wall... up first..
the gentle giant, Brady Cole...who grew a whoppin 6" in a year! He seriously never stops growing..gets taller and skinner each time I see him..

but, what's even crazier is...we all know my sister is tall (5-11" and has been her whole life)...but where the pencil is,  is her height at 5 years! WOOWZA! 

and then our little sports champ, ty...who grew 3-3.5" (and is actually the same height I was at 4 years)..

Our princess Hanna grew 2.5-3"

Silly, sophi grew 2.5"...she's still big and tall but doesn't have the constant growth her brother has.. she's the shrimp of the family..haha.

and of course, our baby Claire got her first mark on the wall...
and was the same height as hanna's first mark...:)

b/c of the time difference church there starts at 10:30 their 11:30 TX b/c of our morning with Claire (she's still not 100%)...and that being the worst time for Hanna...we ended up going on our hike...

Claire back-packed it..

Thanks to aunt casey's giving hanna a high pony, and dressed in her neon.she was one rockin 80's chic...

hanna could not love her sister more....this is what claire deals with ALL.DAy...EVERY.DAY

Back to the river...and please note Ty's cracks me up 

We had such a wonderful we alwasy do..
Hated that none of the dads could make it...but, hopefully, we'll be back soon! 

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