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Monday, June 23, 2014

Quality Time..

One of Travis' life long friends (matthew) from Katy got married in Lubbock over the, Gamy and Granddaddy came into midland on wednesday and we all (minus the kids) went to lubbock on friday for the wedding festivities. 
We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying our entertainment from the kiddos! And, we even experienced a good ole' west texas thunderstorm! It was marvelous..and got a few inches of rain in a short amount of time. woohoo! 
Of course, the next day it was dry, like it had never even rained, so we enjoyed being outside! Travis' other lifelong friend, Trey, flew into midland and spent the night with us as, ty was excited to play baseball, ninja turtles and fight with "nimbus."

Before we left for lubbock on friday, Gamy and Granddaddy treated everyone to "Chick-a-way" as Hanna calls it! 
After Ty and Hanna demolished their lunch..Ty asked Granddaddy nicely if he could have ice cream...of course, granddaddy agreed..and got ty and hanna both an ice cream cone treat! 
And yes, Hanna ate this WHOLE cone! haha! (but, that was the first time she ate ALL her, she was allowed..ha!)..but, I was shocked!

I dropped our kids off at my parents after lunch, fed Claire, and went home to pick up Trav and Trey and headed to lubbock. 
That night the rehearsal dinner was at DoubleNickel and was absolutely delicious. I ate every.single.bite off my plate! So, nice to enjoy an uninterrupted dinner with no sharing! haha! It was marvelous! :)

After the wonderful dinner, slideshow and toasts...we went back to the hotel for a "welcoming party."
me and my SIL!
Saturday, Trav brought me breakfast in bed, and I just relaxed and watched the Food bed! :) aaaahhhh! so lovely!
But, I can only lay around for so, I was up, showered and piddling...and missing my kiddos! :)
While Trav and the boys went to Abuelos for lunch, me and a few other girls..thanks to my MIL driver..haha...I was able to eat at Bless your Heart for favorite! yum yum!
After lunch and a quick tour around tech campus (for a few girls first trip to lbk) we were back at the hotel just in time to get ready (pump..haha) and head to the wedding.
The wedding was downtown at a Methodist church with the reception at Caprock Winery! 
It was beautiful with a great west texas evening! 

The Katy dad's of the group! :)
3 life long friends, with this life long pose....and aggie sandwich with a red raider in the middle!
 (groom on the right).

Sunday morning, after breakfast and last chats with our houston peeps...we headed home. I couldn't wait to see my babies! 
After I picked them up at my parents, and trav got home from taking Trey to the airport...we just had family time! (watching trav and ty do yard work). I hope Ty's excitement for yard work continues through the years...haha!
It was a gorgeous day!

My babies and their "snuggles."

We had a great time celebrating Matthew and Melissa and seeing our houston peeps...always a great time with that crowd! 
and in 3 weeks we'll have deja vu as we do it all over again for the grooms brother's wedding..haha!

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