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Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddy's Day...

"Anyone can be a Father...but it takes a special man to be a daddy."

I am so lucky to have a man like Travis to go through the parenting experience with me. It definitely takes 2 to raise our village...and I'm glad God 1) allowed us to have 3 wonderful babies and 2) chose us to do it together. 
Travis is a very loving, comical, involved daddy. He loves his kids and they love him just as much. Actually, he is my 4th He makes life more enjoyable for us all...and keeps us laughing! 

When Ty and Trav play sports or fight with each other I am not sure who likes it more...Travis or ty..but, I assure you..there are lots of laughs. Ty is just like his daddy, and likes every sport out there..and loves to hunt and fish! two peas in a pod!
Hanna gets her outgoing, spunky, personality from her daddy and the two of them can feed off each other and put on a good show....and of course, are the best stunt cheerleaders. "RAIDER POWER."
Claire is starting to keep up with the gang and when she hears everyone laughing...she chimes in as well..just wants to be one of the big kids so badly (but, please, no rush, Claire). 
They all love when their daddy comes home for the day..and in fact, during the day will ask if it's supper time..not b/c they are hungry (well, maybe a little...ha) but b/c they know that's the time daddy comes home. 
We are so grateful for him and all he does to provide for our family!
Ty, Hanna and Claire are very blessed!

Ty answered a questionnaire last year (Hanna was too little) and I need to compare the two...this years was a little more comical and accurate since they are both older..can't wait for next years and for Claire to add her two cents!

My personal favorite was  Hanna's response to, "My dad always says?...."Go to sleep." lol....and he does..why? b/c she never wants to go to bed! hahaha. too funny.

maybe I should start doing penmanship work with handwriting is atrocious! 

We had been gone for 5 days...and Trav played golf that afternoon so we beat him home and then kids were so excited to see him walk through the door.

We used our last years decor since we didn't have much time...and quickly baked him a cake...
the kids kept calling it his "father's day birthday party." :)

What a weekend of sports it was..perfect for the sports lover father..a category Travis fits, after his golf game he watched the Tech bball game and the US Open and later that night watched the Spurs get their victory (woohooo). 
side note: another thing I love about travis is the relationship he and my dad have. I wanted to marry a man like my dad..and i got one. The two of them played golf together that day...which was perfect! Love them both. 

and of course, you can't have a cake without Ty and hanna found candles for the #1 dad! :) perfect dessert after his request for pizza! 

It was a great celebration in honor of a great daddy! 
We love and appreciate you, JTR! 

and I am one very lucky and blessed girl myself to have an amazing dad..who loves, supports and cares for me and now my family! love you, dad! 

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