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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beach Vaca...

My sister is a LSSP, and had a conference in Corpus Christi this year. I am usually in charge of B&S in this situation..but, this year, given the location and ages of our kids I thought it would be fun to recruit my mom and we take a little family vaca to the beach...and I am glad we did. 
It may not have been the prettiest but we had the best time. 
Tuesday, we went to the lake and met my sister, brady and sophi and then got up the next morning and drove to Corpus Christi. We stopped about half way in Fredericksburg for lunch..but, of course, ended up shopping! So, the mom's got clothes (and maybe a Bellini..hehe) and the kids got a huge "lollipop."  after our hour long stay (maybe a little longer) we got back in and drove to the Beach. It was the kids first time to a beach...technically Ty's second as he went to FL when he was, the kids were so very excited, as were the adults. Doesn't matter your age, you can't have a bad time at the beach. 

The first night we thought it would be a good idea to find an outdoor seating restaurant since we had 5 messy kids...and that kinda backfired on us as the hot sun was beaming down on us...we were all sweating but poor hot natured Ty and Sophi were the worst...but, we all devoured our fresh seafood dishes..yes, even the kids, or at least hanna...she LOVES popcorn shrimp! :)  Afterwards, since we were by the marina we just scoped out the boats and went to the seawall where we saw lots of sail boats...and one had a pink sail...I thought Hanna was going to lose it she was soooo excited! (side note..Hanna loves obsesses over anything pink and sparkly). :) and of course, we had to have our first encounter with the beach...and got our toes wet! 
Brady and Hanna slept with my mom in her room and Ty (he loves his mommy) Sophi and Claire slept with my sister and I. however, the last night ty slept with brady in mom-mom's, I was pumped to get a bed to myself...but, claire had other plans...haha.

(pictures are out of order)...
The next day we went to the Texas State Aquarium..super cool. 
The kids loved everything about it...but definitely the dolphin show was a big hit! 
After lunch and naps we hit the beach...and boy was it windy....but didn't stop us! 

Brady Cole LOVED the! 
It was so fun watching how excited he got. he would have stayed there all day! He just loved it. 
poor hanna..can never keep her bottoms up. haha.

Ty was mainly into digging for awhile...but, then braved the ocean and loved it. He was a little afraid of sharks and kept asking about them..haha.

cheer stunt...haha.

Claire, loved the ocean sand.

Everyone had a great time enjoying the water.

my sisters conf was just friday and sat she got to play thurs and friday.

Where you could find brady the whole time...looked like a bouey out there...ha! (p.s. it was really shallow)

We struggled with this tent the afternoon before b/c of the wind..but this morning we wasn't near as windy..and it worked out great for claire to play and nap! and for lunch! 
but, come afternoon time the wind was crazy, which meant the tide and waves where, that was our cue to head inside. too rough for this crowd!

we collected a ton of seashells...

Claire 7M

Hanna 2 1/2

4 yr

Sophi 3. and brady 5.

when it got too windy outside...the indoor pool called our name. 

had to take advantage of the beach and take pictures...wanted to do it at sunset with sun out of eyes..but that never worked, we got what we could! 

fist day pics after dinner...

and the aquarium...

last day..

goodbye beach...

some people on the beach collected several hermit crabs and offered a couple to us...and luckily, as we were packing up I decided to rinse off the beach toys...and look what I found! scared me to death...they were trying to go home with us! 
So..we released them back to the ocean! 

we ended up leaving saturday afternoon instead of staying another night...and just went back to the lake house...where we could stretch out, play and do laundry..ha! 

perfect ending to a wonderful trip...
mom mom and her g/babies
(minus sophi..who is always by herself.since she doesn't like to sleep)..haha
and claire was in my room! 
sweet cousins

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