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Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 months...

I know we hear it all the time....that our babies grow up too fast...but, I seriously can't believe our baby Claire is 7 months has been super speedy! 
She's still fighting her virus from a couple of weeks, although in the pictures she her eyes may look sad...they really are happy..just the yucky virus lingering along! But, we went back to the dr again today (for our weekly visit)...and she now has another ear infection and got another medicine for breathing treatments..a steroid, to help give her a kick start. Her nasty cough is just not going away! boo..but, hopefully, this will get her all fixed up! 

She is a super happy baby...and just smiles all the time! 
She weighs 15.5 and is still nursing but loves her baby food...which she gets  3 times a day! She likes it all but seems to be like her mommy and isn't the biggest fan of tart foods...her sour face expression is hilarious! 
She's still a roly poly and is trying her hardest to crawl...she will scoot around...mainly just goes backwards but she's trying to get her coordination down to really take off. no matter where she starts..she seems to always end up underneath furniture....she's a great hider already! oh dear! haha.
She sits up and is trying to sit from a laying down position...pretty funny to watch.

She went swimming for the first time...and is able to hold her bottle by herself..not that she gets one frequently..but, when she does, it's fun to watch. 

She has 2 teeth...and will still chew on anything and everything. 
Her giggle is just still too cute and I love hearing those sounds. 
She's our precious Claire Bear and we love her to pieces.

I was not prepared for her first she had to borrow grandpa's hat.
she seemed to like it..but wasn't a fan of the sun...she didn't stay in too long since it's extremely hot here this week..over 100 and her little fair skin can't take it! but, she enjoyed it while it last.

I typically pump every that's her bottle time..

and like I said earlier...she chews on everything.

Where's Claire?

She just got back from her first trip to Ruidoso and in a couple of days she heads to the beach for the first time...

Happy 7 months baby girl! 

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