Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, June 30, 2014

Every mile a memory..

This past week was the first time all summer that we had absolutely nothing planned...we were able to just be lazy with no schedule. 

We go on several bike rides/walks/jeep rides....

we eat outside...

snackeez are taken EVERYWHERE....

after searching for days for ty's "real" golf club....i hosted a baby shower sat morning at our house and since our laundry room is a mess, i was shutting the door to close that room off..haha..and with all the bags hanging on the doorknob i couldn't close, i was taking them off and i found Ty's golf club...along with golf balls, tees and socks! haha! guess that was his golf bag! silly boy! 
 so, that was great to find! 

We are having a great summer, just staying busy. The kids finished up their Frozen camp so we are all going to miss that...but, we head to Katy in a few, I know the kids and I will have lots of entertainment! :)

On another note....little miss Claire Bear has been quite the busy bee lately....

 She now takes baths with big bro and sis...and loves every minute of it! 

all last week she went through a "i don't want to nap" phase....
I think it was a mix between major separation anxiety and trying to cut an upper tooth. the two did not mix well.  so...she looked like this most of the days....sleeeepppyy sleeeepppy eyes!..another reason why we would go on multiple stroller rides...that was the only way to get her to sleep! 

and...she pretty much just eats table food. since she can feed, she gets whatever we have around the house that is soft.
lots of avocados, bananas, blueberries, peaches, chicken, cheerios, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc. 
she really just wants what everyone else is eating....all in due time. 

she would only sleep on we would watch late night shows together...
guess the Ladies of London finally bored her this night! haha!

and look out...we are officially more worm for this little girl!
she primarily enjoys the kitchen...and scours for leftover scraps...haha! 

she is also trying to pull up....aahh..

working on the splits.

she goes to big girl class at church (but has been for the last few months)...

loves to splash around...and tries to swim like ty and hanna...

and with the pulling up..means, climbing on her bumpers...there are many of times I have heard crashing sounds from her crib...the first time it scared me to, the mattress is being lowered and the bumpers may be coming out too...looks like we have another climber in the family! GREAT!

this morning on our mooring walk...shortly after we powered through the wind and arrived at the park...I got claire out of the stroller only to have her throw up several times....
so we got back on the bikes and headed home. 
She seems fine now...not sure what it is..but, she threw up a little bit sat morning before the shower..and then again this morning...and the only correlation I have is oatmeal cereal. I fed it to her before shower so food wouldn't get all on the floor and then again this morning along with her, i am guessing she doesn't care for that! at least, i am crossing my fingers for that rationale! but, we had some sweet cuddle time. 

on another note...

Ty LOVES anything involved with music...singing, dancing, guitar..etc etc....he was totally pumped when amazon prime came out with he now has his own songs on his kindle....he could not have been more excited! He just loves it.
His favorite part of church is, of course, the singing....he pretty much knows majority of the songs....
So, when we stand to sing he likes to stand on the top of the pew in front of us...while an adult holds him...he has been on a big time mommy phase, it was my turn to hold him on sunday. and, he sings (or tries to) all the songs....and so, I typically stop singing and just listen to his sweet voice praise our GOD! it is such an AWESOME feeling! i get chills now just thinking about it! I'm just so proud of him! :)

and our little tiny dancer, hanna...has been going around the house saying, "passe, passé " and "pliate"....along with, "ok, guys, here's the deal," she's quite the character with the funniest facial expressions!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Quality Time..

One of Travis' life long friends (matthew) from Katy got married in Lubbock over the, Gamy and Granddaddy came into midland on wednesday and we all (minus the kids) went to lubbock on friday for the wedding festivities. 
We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying our entertainment from the kiddos! And, we even experienced a good ole' west texas thunderstorm! It was marvelous..and got a few inches of rain in a short amount of time. woohoo! 
Of course, the next day it was dry, like it had never even rained, so we enjoyed being outside! Travis' other lifelong friend, Trey, flew into midland and spent the night with us as, ty was excited to play baseball, ninja turtles and fight with "nimbus."

Before we left for lubbock on friday, Gamy and Granddaddy treated everyone to "Chick-a-way" as Hanna calls it! 
After Ty and Hanna demolished their lunch..Ty asked Granddaddy nicely if he could have ice cream...of course, granddaddy agreed..and got ty and hanna both an ice cream cone treat! 
And yes, Hanna ate this WHOLE cone! haha! (but, that was the first time she ate ALL her, she was allowed..ha!)..but, I was shocked!

I dropped our kids off at my parents after lunch, fed Claire, and went home to pick up Trav and Trey and headed to lubbock. 
That night the rehearsal dinner was at DoubleNickel and was absolutely delicious. I ate every.single.bite off my plate! So, nice to enjoy an uninterrupted dinner with no sharing! haha! It was marvelous! :)

After the wonderful dinner, slideshow and toasts...we went back to the hotel for a "welcoming party."
me and my SIL!
Saturday, Trav brought me breakfast in bed, and I just relaxed and watched the Food bed! :) aaaahhhh! so lovely!
But, I can only lay around for so, I was up, showered and piddling...and missing my kiddos! :)
While Trav and the boys went to Abuelos for lunch, me and a few other girls..thanks to my MIL driver..haha...I was able to eat at Bless your Heart for favorite! yum yum!
After lunch and a quick tour around tech campus (for a few girls first trip to lbk) we were back at the hotel just in time to get ready (pump..haha) and head to the wedding.
The wedding was downtown at a Methodist church with the reception at Caprock Winery! 
It was beautiful with a great west texas evening! 

The Katy dad's of the group! :)
3 life long friends, with this life long pose....and aggie sandwich with a red raider in the middle!
 (groom on the right).

Sunday morning, after breakfast and last chats with our houston peeps...we headed home. I couldn't wait to see my babies! 
After I picked them up at my parents, and trav got home from taking Trey to the airport...we just had family time! (watching trav and ty do yard work). I hope Ty's excitement for yard work continues through the years...haha!
It was a gorgeous day!

My babies and their "snuggles."

We had a great time celebrating Matthew and Melissa and seeing our houston peeps...always a great time with that crowd! 
and in 3 weeks we'll have deja vu as we do it all over again for the grooms brother's wedding..haha!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beach Vaca...

My sister is a LSSP, and had a conference in Corpus Christi this year. I am usually in charge of B&S in this situation..but, this year, given the location and ages of our kids I thought it would be fun to recruit my mom and we take a little family vaca to the beach...and I am glad we did. 
It may not have been the prettiest but we had the best time. 
Tuesday, we went to the lake and met my sister, brady and sophi and then got up the next morning and drove to Corpus Christi. We stopped about half way in Fredericksburg for lunch..but, of course, ended up shopping! So, the mom's got clothes (and maybe a Bellini..hehe) and the kids got a huge "lollipop."  after our hour long stay (maybe a little longer) we got back in and drove to the Beach. It was the kids first time to a beach...technically Ty's second as he went to FL when he was, the kids were so very excited, as were the adults. Doesn't matter your age, you can't have a bad time at the beach. 

The first night we thought it would be a good idea to find an outdoor seating restaurant since we had 5 messy kids...and that kinda backfired on us as the hot sun was beaming down on us...we were all sweating but poor hot natured Ty and Sophi were the worst...but, we all devoured our fresh seafood dishes..yes, even the kids, or at least hanna...she LOVES popcorn shrimp! :)  Afterwards, since we were by the marina we just scoped out the boats and went to the seawall where we saw lots of sail boats...and one had a pink sail...I thought Hanna was going to lose it she was soooo excited! (side note..Hanna loves obsesses over anything pink and sparkly). :) and of course, we had to have our first encounter with the beach...and got our toes wet! 
Brady and Hanna slept with my mom in her room and Ty (he loves his mommy) Sophi and Claire slept with my sister and I. however, the last night ty slept with brady in mom-mom's, I was pumped to get a bed to myself...but, claire had other plans...haha.

(pictures are out of order)...
The next day we went to the Texas State Aquarium..super cool. 
The kids loved everything about it...but definitely the dolphin show was a big hit! 
After lunch and naps we hit the beach...and boy was it windy....but didn't stop us! 

Brady Cole LOVED the! 
It was so fun watching how excited he got. he would have stayed there all day! He just loved it. 
poor hanna..can never keep her bottoms up. haha.

Ty was mainly into digging for awhile...but, then braved the ocean and loved it. He was a little afraid of sharks and kept asking about them..haha.

cheer stunt...haha.

Claire, loved the ocean sand.

Everyone had a great time enjoying the water.

my sisters conf was just friday and sat she got to play thurs and friday.

Where you could find brady the whole time...looked like a bouey out there...ha! (p.s. it was really shallow)

We struggled with this tent the afternoon before b/c of the wind..but this morning we wasn't near as windy..and it worked out great for claire to play and nap! and for lunch! 
but, come afternoon time the wind was crazy, which meant the tide and waves where, that was our cue to head inside. too rough for this crowd!

we collected a ton of seashells...

Claire 7M

Hanna 2 1/2

4 yr

Sophi 3. and brady 5.

when it got too windy outside...the indoor pool called our name. 

had to take advantage of the beach and take pictures...wanted to do it at sunset with sun out of eyes..but that never worked, we got what we could! 

fist day pics after dinner...

and the aquarium...

last day..

goodbye beach...

some people on the beach collected several hermit crabs and offered a couple to us...and luckily, as we were packing up I decided to rinse off the beach toys...and look what I found! scared me to death...they were trying to go home with us! 
So..we released them back to the ocean! 

we ended up leaving saturday afternoon instead of staying another night...and just went back to the lake house...where we could stretch out, play and do laundry..ha! 

perfect ending to a wonderful trip...
mom mom and her g/babies
(minus sophi..who is always by herself.since she doesn't like to sleep)..haha
and claire was in my room! 
sweet cousins