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Monday, May 5, 2014

Pizza and Cake...

This weekend I was husband-less...but thanks to a couple of bday parties, parents swimming pool and baby shower we were steadily entertained! 
Brady and Sophi came to town wed night and we played all day thursday....when these cousins get together the boys play legos, ninja turtles, trains, transformers, etc...and hanna likes to play baby dolls and girly things...and well, Sophi would usually rather play with the boys!, poor hanna is sometimes by herself..or actually, just with me and claire! 
However, this trip...they both enjoyed the high heeled shoes and sophi always loves wearing the crown...she has a hat, visor, crown fettish! So...they practiced Hanna's dance recital routine! haha! It was rather funny! Sophi definitely had the big, texas pageant hair!
And yes, Hanna wears her "princess shoes" out and about in public! I choose my battles with that little girl and that is not a battle worth fighting! :)

cousins who are 5 months apart! ha!

Friday night we had a bday party for two of our friends..a pizza and cake party...and they both were delicious! fun, fun bday party! 

saturday, we had a monumental night/morning...I SLEPT IN MY KING SIZE BED ALL.BY.MYSLEF! with the hubs gone and not one single little kid crawling in during the middle of the night was GLORIOUS! haha!  they even slept in..until 7! :) 
saturdays, I usually am spoiled and trav brings me a cup of coffee in bed...but since we was gone, kids and I just cuddled for a minute! :) perfect way to start the morning!

saturday morning we had another bday party at "Hanna's gymnastic place" and the kids had a great time! and they served pizza for lunch! and delicious brownies! that took care of our lunch! :) hehe!
round 2 of pizza and dessert and trav was not there to indulge in his favorite menu item! :) haha.

after the party and naps/rest time...we headed to my parents for a dip in the pool. It was a beautiful day...and since my mom keeps her pool heated to almost 90 it felt great! we had a great time soaking in the sun! Ty showed off his swimming skills..but is still very hesitant about water..and scared of drowning! Hanna on the other hand jumped in all afternoon! ha! 

claire was a perfect little angel in her jumper! :)

after a delicious hamburger (my favorite) we headed home..and this little one came crawling in my bed early and instead of sprawling out enjoying a spacious bed...she insisted on cuddling so tight to me it pushed me off the bed...haha! love my little cuddle bug! Of course, later, ty came crawling in too....

Tonight we celebrate the awesome (haha) muckdog tball season...with..what else...a pizza, cookie cake and water balloon party! :) Hey, at least I'm not cooking on my bday! :)
Way to go Muckdogs! 
not going to lie...Think Ty is a little more excited about the party than an acutal game! haha! 6 weeks of 2 games a week tball was a lot...we are all ready for a little break! :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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