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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hospital trip..

One of the cons of being the younger, baby sister is you get the germs passed to you constantly...and when your big sister is constantly in your face loving on get her cold! Usually, Claire is able to fight it off...but this time she struggled! 
She ran a low grade fever early in the week and was very clingy, tired and not very active...3 things that are not typically normal with Claire. If she wasn't better by friday I was going to take her to dr...(b/c since only 6M not much they can do for a cold)...but on thursday morning after I feed her she threw it up (and more)...I chalked it up to her congestion and possibly over-indulging.
Took the kids to school, got my yearly (haha) haircut..came home, fed her again and she threw it up, I then decided she needed to see dr asap! if anything for dehydration. the nurse immediately called me back, could hear poor claire in background and said come in now. Yay, thank you! 
when we got to dr she had a 103 fever (since she had thrown up her tylenol) and just sounded terrible. and had lost almost a pound in 10 days (since her 6M checkup). So, we had 2 nurses in our room and they pulled the dr out of another patients room to see what meds to give her..she got a breathing treatment and then tylenol. after almost 30 minutes it had gone down to 101 and then got a dose of ibuprofen. but..while we sat there for an hour in the room she was on a pulse ox machine and her sats never went above 92%..with 100% obviously being the best. I knew in my head what I was probably going to hear but tried to remain optimistic. 
Later when the Dr. came back in she told me the news I had envisioned..."she needs to be admitted to the hospital." 
I wanted to cry..but held it together...and knew it was best for Claire.
Luckily, the kids were still in school and my mom was able to pick them up and trav cut his lunch break short and met me at the hospital. 

Claire was given a nose swab that tested for 15 different viruses, chest x-ray, breathing treatment, suction an IV started and put on oxygen. Luckily, all that happened all since she, obviously, hated all the above, she crashed!  Only to be woken up with her every 2 hour breathing treatments. UGH! That was hard on me so I can't imagine being  a 6M old and doing it. She hated every second of it..but mostly the suction and CPT (chest percussion) that followed. 

She was completely worn out after every 15-20 min treatment b/c she fought it so hard. So, Needless to say, our baby girl was soooooo tired.  By the time she wrestled with her treatments, I calmed her down and she'd finally fall asleep..within 30 min they were back in her was a vicious, tiring cycle. Luckily, we asked if treatments could be every 3 hours...not only b/c she was getting absolutely no rest but b/c her heart rate would sky rocket b/c of meds, fever and being so mad. 

poor, poor baby girl.
They had to put a sock over her IV site b/c she kept using it as a chew toy! Teething also wasn't helping her situation.

The next day, friday, she was a little bit more active. so, i was able to put her down (which was rare...she stayed in my arms the whole time..even sleeping on me..she was not a fan of the crib..probably b/c she knew what happened there...suctioning). 

But, she finally let me give her some tummy time.  The nurse knew she was cutting teeth and brought her some toys to play with since I had absolutely nothing. 

Her nose swab came back with the Rhinovirus..which is a cold! unfortunately for her, it was a really, really bad cold that invaded her lungs. Her chest x-ray showed one side of her lungs whited, they were scared it was the beginning stages of pneumonia...but luckily, after a few different looks, they decided it was just from the virus! so, that was great..glad we caught it before it could have turned into something way worse! 
So...she ended up having bronchitis, and ear infection and the rhinovirus. poor, baby girl! but, she was a trooper! 

Friday afternoon, she was feeling better so she was able to have 2 little visitors. she was so happy to see them...and hanna was so sad for her but was so excited to see "my baby." Ty asked a million questions and tried to make her happy when she started to cry...They are both super loving big brothers and sisters....and I missed them so much! 

Not the family pic you want to have but....glad we could all be together for a few minutes! 

saturday, she woke up feeling and looking sooooo much fact, she didn't use oxygen all night and was able to take it off! woohoo! but really she wanted her pulse ox off...she also hated that thing and no matter how they taped it on her toe..she'd kick it we got to hear the lovely sound of her pulse ox machine beeping. UGH! finally, travis just put it on his finger..haha! 

luckily, saturday, she was doing/sounding so much better she was able to be discharged. woohoo! luckily, with 3 doses of IV antibiotics she was free from any additional, at home, meds and b/c breathing treatments don't help bronchitis she was also free from that..YAY! b/c honestly, not sure I could torture her anymore.  I feel, with my nursing background, I can handle seeing my kids going through medical stuff (shots, meds, etc)...but seeing claire get breathing treatments every 2-3 hours was SUPER tough. At night, depending on the Respiratory therapist...if she was sleeping...I would just give her her treatment while she slept and we'd do suction and CPT every other that was nice to let claire sleep! 

But, let me tell you..since the RT's at the hospital have to wear maroon scrubs...Claire will more than likely not become an Aggie...she is scared for life from maroon! lol! 

Saturday afternoon once we got home...all showered/bathed (gross hospital)...she was right were she the care of her mommy and daddy, in her house! 
I was afraid she wouldn't like her crib anymore b/c of PTSD..ha..but, luckily, once we put her down, she stretched out big and then put her hands behind her bed..home sweet home! :)
and she slept 12 hours! woohoo....she was one tired girl! 
Ty and hanna stayed one more night with mom-mom and mommy and daddy got good rest too...and I was woken up by our big was glorious...however, all I could think about was if ty and hanna were scared...but, after awhile, i was able to go back to sleep! and woke up see it starting to rain again...and it rained all morning...woohoo! 
we got about 1.5" rain. sooooo wonderful! and ty and hanna came back home after we are all back together again! :) 

although, she is super stingy about letting people see her tooth..she actually has one tooth that has officially popped out! :)

She is doing much better...mainly b/c she's getting rest. She's still not eating like she was/should..but is getting there...
Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts as our little baby girl battled her first...and hopefully only, hospital trip! 

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