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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Half Birthday, Claire

Happy 1/2 birthday to our little baby girl....

I know it's always said...but, i truly can.not. believe she/s 6 months old! holy moly!
she is seriously such a happy baby, with big, huge smiles and the sweetest little giggles....(has tickle spots below her neck and in her armpits)...i just can't resist tickling her to hear those sweet, sweet sounds! 
she's constantly drooling or chewing but not one single tooth yet! 
she can sit up...but not for she still doesn't have great balance when trying to reach for a toy(that immediately goes in mouth) or when an older sibling comes storming in and scares her! ha! 
so, instead she enjoys rolling around on the floor or jumping in her bouncer. I got the little scoot toy out and she has fun in that but holds on for dear life when she is pushed, "like a fast race car" around the house! poor claire...motto of her life... "hold on for dear life."
She also "surfs" a lot. when she's on her belly and she gets her hands and feet going off the ground...looks like she's trying to surf...bless her heart..she is either trying to be a super crawler at an early age..or trying to get away from her siblings! haha! she'll get it soon and when she does..I fear for the things (legos, Ninja turtle pieces, rings, earrings, etc) that she will find...which in turn I will find in her mouth! AAAHHHHH! 
She is a squirmy wormy and is challenging to hold...but, she loves it! if she is being held she is 100% content! 
her toes are her newest chew toy..and we find her feet in her mouth!ha! looks like another limber child! 

loves playing peek a boo. 
Just makes everyone smile...sweet baby Claire bear! 

Another sleepy thumb-sucker! :)

Happy 1/2 birthday, baby girl! Love you to the moon and back!

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