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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


"Cousins are your first best friends"...and it couldn't be truer in our family...
Our kids are blessed with cousins on both sides of the family that are super close in age...and it's so fun to watch them grow up together and interact...they always have a playmate!
Wish we could see our houston cousins way more often but we are sooooo glad when we have the chance to see them! 

cousins...5,4.almost 3,2 and 6M

our almost 3 year old Sophia!

Everybody fights over who can hold Claire....Ty's turn!
Poor claire!

And big sister Hanna's turn! 

Singing, "Jesus loves me," "Jesus loves the little children," and "Glory to God."
They all did sooo great and Ty could not have been more excited. The whole service (they sang at the end)..he kept asking if, "it was time  yet?" In fact, he was doing his "I need to go potty" dance but wouldn't go b/c he was scared he'd miss his performance! haha! but, i told him we would be back in time and he sprinted to the bathroom and back! record speed! lol.
Since B&S were in town for Hanna's dance recital and we had one of Sophia's  4 bday parties (life of a farmer kid..haha)..they sang on stage too! :) 

Then on monday....we got to see our Houston cousins...but as always, time went way too fast...and ty had to get to swim lessons! But, we loved every second of those 45 minutes! 

 Claire loved meeting her cousin Jenn.

Jenn and becky had another niece, Jill, with them..and we meet at my neighbors who happens to be our friend and Jenn's BFF,  house...who is practically were one big happy family that morning. :) lots of kids and lots of fun! 

cousins...ty and mccain are 1 day apart (4 yrs old), Hanna 2 and Sawyer almost 2! 

and of course, claire 6M...
Just missing Addison (1), Ella (2) and Jackson (5M).

This family is funny...b/c each big cousin always has another cousin pregnant at the same all these cousins are just days, weeks or a few months apart! so fun! 
same for trav and 2 of his cousins...each 6 weeks apart! :) 

Love taking advantage of our kids not being enrolled in school yet so we can see each other during the I know that will all change soon! But, lets not talk about that! :(! 

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