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Thursday, May 15, 2014


I get asked daily who Claire looks like...and then who my kids look like...I honestly never know how to I thought I'd make a little picture chart about it! 
Here are all 3 kids at birth and then 6 give a better visual! 
Who do you think looks alike? If any?


                 Ty      8#11oz.                                                                                          Claire  7# 1oz
      Hanna    7# 6oz

6 months...

4M stats: 26 1/4" and 14# 12oz.

5M stats: 27 1/4" and 17#14oz.

6M stats: 26.1" and 15# 5oz.

To me it seems there are moments/faces that each kid definitely favors each other...especially during the teething stages.
Hanna seems to be the biggest..and Ty the tallest..with Claire being the most petite! (why i don't have all 3's 6M stats is beyond me...oops).

They are all just perfect...with one thing definitely in common...their mommy's checks...and daddy's lack of a bottom..hehe! and obviously, Ty has his daddy's hair!...and claire and hanna share their Aunt Ashley's dimple! (Ty had a small one when little but it has gone away).

But, it's so funny to see how different they can look coming from the same parents.! :) 
and the fact that we have 2 blue eyed children! crazy! genetics are funny!
(Both my grandmothers had/have blue eyes and obviously somewhere on Travis' side), God made our girls with blue eyes! 

It will be fun to see them each grow...and have their different personalities! (hope we can handle it all..haha),

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