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Monday, May 12, 2014


We've had a lot going on they are in no particular order. (actually, the order they were downloaded..ha).

It's been hot we've been enjoying our outdoor toys...when the wind isn't gusting..UGH!

This past weekend me and the kids, my mom, my sister and her kids went to Austin to support my little cousin as she ran 3 races, as a freshman, at the state track meet for 3A! Trav and my dad were at a fishing tournament and my bro-in-law was, we girls braved it and went with the kids.

Ty and I had a mother/son pirate scavenger hunt date at church friday night...we were both super pumped about it! So....we did that before we left town...

and let me tell you...we had a blast. I was so happy to be there with Ty. He was the cutest date..and pirate...and I was just thrilled to be there with him. 
we played a few pirate games, and then had chick-fil-a nuggets, fruit and cookies for dinner....afterwards we did the scavenger hunt. 
There were about 30 kids..from 2 years to 6 grade..and they were told the instructions....they were given a piece of paper "map" that had clues..and once you found the clue there was a big gold letter...once you found all the letters you had to unscramble them to tell the location of the treasure! I was soooo excited about that..I love word puzzles...however, I was also nervous b/c I didn't want to be the mommy who couldn't figure it out! lol! 
So....they said go and I would read the clue to Ty and he would take sprint off to find the letter...I thought it would be a leisurely stroll through the church...but, I was wrong..b/c HE WAS ALL OVER THIS!!..HE WAS SOOOOOOOO EXCITED! I literally was having issues keeping up! haha! I was also just proud he knew where all the clues were....places all over the church building....
I honestly have never seen him run so fast...he kept yelling, "mommy, come faster." he was bound to find the treasure first! 
And after racing all around campus, indoors and out...and with the help of his super puzzle solver, mommy...hehe! WE FOUND THE TREASURE FIRST!!!!! I was just sooooo glad I did my part...b/c I would have hated to let him down! ha! Makes me smile and laugh thinking about how much fun he had and his reaction to getting it first.! proud moment!
After he picked his "treasure" he would go back and tell people where it, no big deal..can't believe you haven't found it yet! lol! so funny!
So glad our church offered was  perfect date for all the mommy's and boys! 
a night I'll never forget.

After the party we went to mom-mom's where she was keeping the girls and I fed claire and we loaded up and headed to the lake(or what was once a's just a little conch river now).....which is halfway between midland and austin. 

we meet casey and kids there...and then early saturday morning we pulled out headed for austin...3 hours away!
we got there, pulled through chick-fil-a...found our way around campus to the parking garage...and had a car picnic lunch...and then we may or may not have snuck in a few snacks for the kids b/c there were soooo many rules at UT's stadium...and I'll try not to get on a soap box..but some rules should be exempt for small snacks, drinks or containers...that's just ridiculous. no strollers or umbrellas were allowed either..which I I carried claire in the ergo...but basically held her the hole time while inside. The check-in lady was nice and looked at my diaper bag and saw how loaded down it was..with just blankets, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, etc...that she just let me go! haha! thank you lady! It was not only hot...we are use to that..but super humid..something we are not use to! 
of course, Faith and the 1A and 3A meet was from 12-4...hottest time of the day...but it actually worked to our advantage. we watched her run her little heart out..actually, she was her 2 relays...she ran the 800M, 800 relay and mile relay! unfortunately, they didn't medal..but, no doubt she'll be back next year..and the 2 years following! 
In fact, the last time I was at the state track meet was when I was little watching my cousin (her dad..and even her mom..they are HS sweethearts) times! and now she was there..
So...after lots of water..sno-cones, chills and lemonade...we left the stadium, got to the car and turned the AC on high! all the kids did great! they all cheered so loudly for faith..even if it wasn't her race..haha! was back to the lake! kinda like deja vu driving back! haha!

Faith's first lane 2! 

Ty picked out hats for his cousins and of course, they were all Tech hats...told them his daddy/uncle travis would be proud that they were representing Tech on UT's campus! :) 

Hanna loved every minute...we may just watch her there one day! :)

Claire did great too...

All before the pirate party and the State track meet...we had muffins with mom at their school...I got so many homemade goodies (which are the best)...all so sweet. they both have great teachers...

all my loot...and next year i'll get more as claire starts in the fall! :)

Ty's beautiful pictures! :)

after school..since daddy was gone and we wanted to kill time..and not each other..haha...we went to get ice cream...and yes, hanna sat at another table..until she needed help..hehe! miss independent these she always has been...didn't know it could get worse...but, like I'm learning...hanna has lots of surprises up her sleeves! HA! 

sunday morning we headed back to midland where I noticed 2 newspapers on our driveway...trav, who got home from del rio early that morning, greeted us at the door....and i said, "did the newspaper guy get the wrong house?" and he replied, "that's gift #1." I know it may be silly to some, but i enjoy reading the paper...and have been wanting a subscription for a very long time..but just have never called to get one....but, trav did! I was so excited. no more digging around for $2 for a sunday paper....woohoo!

 I got the sweetest card...which they must love me a lot b/c I know how much they love NT, princesses and jumping." lol!

I figured trav would wait for us with his eyes closed:)..but I was pleasantly surprised when he made me open a present that contained vegetable seeds...and then walked me outside and showed me this beauty!
AGAIN....soooooo surprised!! I loved it!
we have been planning on making this years garden for several weeks now...but with our busy schedule it hadn't worked out...and there are lots of things I can do with 3 kids...but that was not one of hubby/mothers day to the rescue! 
I had the best little/and big assistants and we planted cucumbers, squash, and jalepenos..I was also given tomato and red peppers but I need to get tomato plants..seeds are just too much work and time..haha) and we like green bell peppers...but, I have a great start...and we are anxious for our crop! :)
this was a mothers day that will be hard to beat. Gifts are great but the thought behind are what mean the me! Trav put so much thought into this and I couldn't thank him enough....means the most to me! :)

The monday before all the other celebrations...Ty had his tball party...they had so much fun..everyone just brought water balloons or water guns and they had a blast...ate pizza, cookie cake and drenched all the dads! :) mom's were in the safe zone while holding babies..hehe!

it's been a full and busy...well, life...but lately even more so...I am so thankful for my life and many blessings but we are ready for summer and to be able to be done with swim, dance, gymnastics, tball and school! ..oh, and for all daddy's trips to be done..:) hehe! bring on summer, swimming and family time! :)

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