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Friday, April 11, 2014

Time for a check-up...

A month late..but Ty and Claire finally got their 4 yr and 4 month checkups! 
It did not plan on taking all to the dr at 1:00 (nap time) but it was the soonest they could see, I had no choice! Not fun...2.5 hours later we finally left..with lots of tears in eyes due to both getting 3 shots! of course, it was much harder on the 4 yr old than 4 month old..but, nevertheless..neither liked their visit. Hanna on the other hand loved it...haha! "no shots for Hanna, only Ty." is what she would tell the nurse and Dr. haha!
Ty got a urine sample, hearing and vision screen (which he passed all :)) and thought tee-teeing in the cup was pretty cool! lol! side's so much easier for boys to do that task than girls! haha! I still struggle! lol!
Then came the finger prick to get blood....and afterwards you would have thought the world was coming to an end! OH MY GOODNESS! he would not.stop.crying...I know that can hurt..but, it was a little more dramatic than it should have been! haha! maybe, 30 minutes later he was good! but, hid in the corner the rest of the visit...and all I could think about was...he still had to get his shots...EEEK!
When that time came he wanted claire to go first...when it was his turn I literally had to pry him from underneath the table...finally got them done and I just held him...while the kind nurse (who thought I was crazy for having 2 kids get shots)..I wanted to say...well, i definitely didn't want to do this either...but, I bit my tongue....but, she helped console claire..who was still crying! 
But, like always, we survived...PHEW! and went to mom-mom's office to celebrate her bday and for being tough and getting dreaded shots with birthday cookies! :) 
The rest of the day, Ty did not use his right hand AT would have thought it was broken and in a cast) and would not bend his legs...nor would he look at his bandaids! haha...he was cracking us up...but he was very serious about it!

Anywho....Ty at 4 yrs...was 41.5" (71%) tall and weighed 38lbs (64%).
Very smart and loving little boy! 

We also started Chore charts...Hanna also has one...but she still has yet to accumulate many!
Ty loves the chart..I got the printable 
and used a store bought laminate sheet to cover it...
Ty loves taking out the trash...and making his bed..
He's funny..b/c he doesn't think the 5 decorative pillows he has on his bed are not enough and likes to steal hanna's! It's really funny! love my clean and decorative little boy! haha!
if he gets 5 stickers in a week he gets $1...for the first week and then we added more stickers to earn the $1.  He eats it up....Hanna..not so much! haha!

My handsome little 4 year old! 

Ty got to play catcher last night...and I think that was his favorite position..he really enjoyed it! (you're in charge of putting ball on tee)...He did great and had his fan club since gamy, granddaddy and mrs. morgan are in town...he soaked it up! haha!
Claire also got her 4 month well check (although she is 5 months) it kinda jacked with her stats..but oh well! 
She met all her milestones and then some...she is doing excellent!
our little petite thing weighed 13 lb 14 oz (29%)  and was 25" tall.( 47%).. Just a growing and doing great! 
However, she did get her first ear infection! boo..but hopefully the antibiotic will clear that and her cold up super fast! so ready for all my babies to stop with their nasty cough!

5 months old...and the happiest little girl...

and of course, I can't forget about our Hurricane Hanna..who is 2 1/2! 
Our life would be boring without her! We just love her so much...miss personality constantly making us laugh!

Our 3 bundles of very blessed!

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