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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Special Treats....

Ty and Hanna are cool doubt...haha..
Ty has had sunglasses for years but Hanna never has...but now that she is a middle child and has to sit in the middle the sun gets in her eyes a, I finally found some sunglasses for and sparkly of course! she was soooo excited! haha.

even had to wear them to the Tech baseball game..
They came to we went and supported them! Ty and Hanna both really enjoyed it! Claire pretty much slept through it.. :)

(as evident by the picture below..claire thinks everything is fair game for a teething toy)! 

Hanna is our outgoing child but yet, still shy going to other people...however, she jumped right into her bff's "Dan-Dan's" sweet is that pic below! :) she loved him,..thanks HJB for sharing.

fun few hours...we had to bail about half way through..claire needed to eat..and although being the 3rd child I feed her in lots of public places (covered of course) the baseball game stadium wasn't going to happen. ha! 

I preface all of that to say 1) we went to the baseball game..haha...and 2) because we had a VERY Exciting day/night in the Roby house! 
Although Hanna was potty trained...once school started in the fall she totally regressed and wouldn't potty at school! VERY FRUSTRATING. she did great at home..but not at school.
over christmas we thought she was back to her old potty trained self..but when she went back to school..same thing..wouldn't potty! GGRRR!! so after several accidents and headaches..i decided it wasn't good for her to wear panties at home and pull-ups at school. So I decided to take a break from it all! Well....she hated that! she says, "I big girl...I don't need pull-up"...we battled this everyday! ugh!
in the last month she has had no accidents at school or in public (including the park...where she typically would rather play than potty), we have been soooo excited!! she's back! 
However, i still put a pull-up on her at gymnastics and dance since it's an hour long and I really don't want her to have an accident there! 
BUT.....yesterday, she kept screaming telling me she "didn't need a pull-up." so I finally broke down and said, "ok." and...although I had a change of leotard and was nervous the entire hour..SHE DID IT....NOOOOO ACCIDENTS! wooohooo, HANNA! nor at the baseball game! I WAS SO EXCITED! I still put her in a pull-up for nap and nighttime..although, she typically takes it off. ugh! 

BUT...WAIT...just like an infomercial...there is more....

Ty for a year now...goes to bed in his own 7:30....and at odd hours in the middle of the night he comes and ninja crawls in bed with us....meaning, we don't know...I use to know before claire was born...but, now, I am so tired, I have no clue! haha! 
 his friend, a treat for sleeping in her bed all night(Yay, HJB) I used that as leverage for my kiddos...what better parenting than bribery positive reinforcement!
b/c, Hanna has joined the master bed club! so we sleep 4 strong! which means mommy gets kicked off the island a lot...i always lose my spot when I get up to feed claire! ha...but, it's either wake hanna...which is never a good idea...or sleep at the foot of the bed! no brainer decision...awkward sleeping it is! ha!

soo......I prepped ty and hanna about how they could too get a special treat if they stayed in their bed all night! Ty got a very sad, frowny face and said, "mommy, i just can't do it..I can't stay in my bed all night." I encouraged him and we talked it out! 

So...last night...TY DID IT! HE SLEPT IN HIS BED ALL NIGHT!! I WAS SOOO PROUD! AND SO DID HANNA!!! YAY!!! Ty came in about 3 times saying the same thing, "mommy, i can't keep doing it." but, again, I encouraged and he went back...each time a little harder..but he did it! and about 6:30 he came in and I let him climb in...since it was "wakey wakey" time anyways! HE DID GREAT! promised..for his and hanna's big moments...they got to go to a cooler store than target (haha)...the Dollar Store! Lol! and "got to pick out ANYTHING they wanted! lol...oh, they were so excited.."anything mommy?, "yes, anything you want." hahaha! that dollar store!

 You would have thought they were in heaven! they actually had a lot of cool stuff that wasn't just junk! (lots of things I will be going back for tomorrow that the easter bunny will bring them..hehe).

Ty wanted an "ATV for my ninja turtles"

and of course, hanna wanted everything in site...but this is hanna in a nutshell...suckers and bracelets...and she is golden! so..that's what she got!

until she saw the princess party decor...and the gates of heaven opened and her eyes got so big! of course, she wanted the plates for cupcakes! haha! makes sense right! ha.

ty also got  a ball that has a strap to put on your wrist so it comes back at you!..ha! random..but he loved it!

Hopefully, the trip will help them continue their last night habits...(crossing my fingers)...

Hanna, is our mommy/teacher...she says exactly what she, i am often hearing stories of what her teachers told her or her classmates at school.."Mrs. Lisa say....etc..." "Ok, guys, today we are  going to sing..." 
After gymnastics and dance they are given a, today hanna told me, "mommy, say, tondu, tondu,  bippity, boppity, boo (their dance recital words/song)... so, I repeated it...and she said, "yay, mommy, good job, go see your mommies." 
Apparently, that's what her dance teacher tells them..haha!
Hey, at least she is listening! haha.

and the golden child..she stays in her bed all night..haha! but, has a blowout almost this was outfit number 2...and since my mom is a superintendent of a school...where her principal,(who is head of testing) had to have surgery on her arm monday...which was also the start of STARR testing...we dedicated the outfit and smile to her! little stress relief!
hope it helped a little! :)

another proud moment...
Ty loves Frozen...more than hanna...b/c hanna really never sits to watch it!...but it's on Ty's kindle and he is constantly watching it!....and he has a great, this morning on the way to swim lessons he was talking about princess Elsa walking on water and becoming ice...I said, "Ty do you know who else walks on water?" and he said, "Jesus does." ohhhhh....I WAS SOOOO PROUD! I don't care if ty sleeps in our bed or sucks his thumb when he has "snuggie" (ok, yes, i do..and we work on that daily..haha)....but...the fact he knows the Lord is top priority and Travis and I strive on that! SOOO proud! :)

proud mommy moments....:)

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