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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

School Easter Hunts...

Thursday before Easter T&H had their school Easter egg hunts...
They both had a great time and I always enjoy seeing them interact with their classmates and teachers. We have thoroughly enjoyed this school and they way the love the kids and involve their families. So you better believe for their hunts, this mommy was there, early with cameras galore! :) my poor kids. haha! 

Hanna's class hunted the garden..where there are actually "real easter bunnies", turtles, and a pond with fish! 

Of course, Claire was there cheering them on....

Hanna had a great time...but really just wanted to show me the animals...and sit and eat her candy! ha1

She was real enthused about me taking her picture..haha!

Her precious class! They are all just days apart, in fact, she shares the same bday with another classmate...they are such cute kids!

Later that afternoon was Ty's turn...I like to get there early to observe in the window...They were listening to a book on tape and apparently Ty was in charge of turning the page. :)

After Hanna's class they moved the hunt to the more spacious playground...

One of his teachers made each kid their own personalized egg...where they had to find their name..a fun learning game! :)

They also performed the "bunny hop." that was comical! haha

cutest little bunny hopper ever! 

Initially  Ty was scared of the easter bunny but after a little mommy pep-talk...he mustard up the courage and had his picture taken! Way to go, Ty!

His fun class! Ty has made some great friends...they are all such great kids!

After ty's hunt I just went ahead and took them home (since I had B&S too)....but first we had to find hanna..whose class was not in their room....
and we found them in the garden with the easter bunny....and hanna way in the back. Her sweet teacher tried to get her closer...even Ty said, "Hanna, I'll go with you...he's not scary." (sweet big brother)..but she still declined. but of course, she could not wave and say "bye" enough before leaving....I had to bribe her to get her to leave! haha.

They had a great time and had a little practice before the big, annual, Cunningham Easter reunion! :)

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