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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Claire is 5 months...

Our super sweet pea, Claire 5 months old! WOOOW!  Like Travis said, "it's hard to believe she is old enough to be eating solid foods." You got that right! 

I know I am a little partial...but, she is the sweetest thing...and so happy. Smiles all the time...I think she is going to be like her sister and be our socialite! (Oh Dear! haha).

She had extra smiles this time b/c Ty was bribing her to smile with a Raisenette...haha!

She actually gets her 4month checkup (haha..dr's office is a little backed up!) week at 5 instead of 4M stats...I'll get her 5M stats! 
She is definitely growing though...wearing 6M clothes and size 2 diapers.
She loves her feet...always playing with them...
These little feet socks are super cute..and claire loves's really cute watching her attack the ladybug! ha.

She is the most loved little girl ever! Her big brother and sister can not get enough of her! constantly around her! they don't get the concept of personal space! Ha...
and for that reason, Claire is on cold #4....seems she gets on every month...poor baby girl...hate it for her.

ty wanted a picture of Claire with his and her "snuggie."

At 4 1/2M old I introduced rice cereal...I hated wasting my milk to mix with, I opted for a formula sample I had...she wasn't a fan.! then I just used water...mean, I know...she liked it better..but, I had a very little amount of milk I needed to use to I used to for the cereal..and she devoured it! 

like every baby...rice cereal makes you a little I started to add applesauce..and she liked that even better! ha!

But, now...she got her first food of Avacados. I typically do peas but since I have yet to have a chance to run to the store...and I had avocados...that's what she got! 
Not quite sure how she liked it...haha...little different taste than what she was accustomed to..ha

She likes it better each time she gets it....starting tomorrow she'll get, she'll like that better! 

She's been rolling since a little after 4 months..

so, now she sleeps on her belly...

she had a wild night this night....she is such a scooter and flipper...and somehow managed to get her pants off..haha.
She is never in the position I put her down in....always flip-flopped some crazy way..and I  often wonder how she even got into the position she was in!

Since solid foods have been introduced..she'll go close to every 3 hours during the day...and I'd say 4-7 nights she'll sleep all night. She's doing great! 

Our sleeping beauty.

She loves to jump...whether she is in her jumper or in your arms..she likes to move! 

She has started giggling in the last few
I learned about it in the bathtub..I was washing her little neck roll..and she started cracking up...looks like I found a tickle spot....
so, now I just tickle her little neck and chest area for the sound of that little laugh! 

She also tries to laugh when Ty and hanna can tell she is SO ready to play with them! or at least be able to defend herself! ha!

This is what happens when she sees Hanna! 
Poor Claire! Hanna just loves her to becomes scary sometimes..I don't blame claire for being scared! haha! 
Hanna tried to "Help" feed her and this was Claire's reaction! haha!
Is that not the saddest face ever! ha!

We just love our little baby girl..and like Ty and Hanna she brings so much love to our family. 
and she just goes with the flow...mainly in her of baby #3 and an active family!

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