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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bluebonnet pics...

Each year when we are in way East Texas we try and take the kids pics...this year, it worked out perfectly because we spied a bluebonnet patch right by my meme's house....PERFECT..except...sunday morning when we attempted to take their pics..they were not feeling the same excitement! I think the whole week of cousin time, plus a full day the day before..they were all worn out...but...we tried! 

nobody was cooperating, the sun was too bright, claire was tired and hungry....and this was at 8:30 in the morning! Ha!

probably the best ones we got!

claire wasn't feeling the beautiful bluebonnets..she just wanted food! 

my sweet little boy...thanks ty for cooperating! :)  if only his mother would get him a haircut! whoa!

oh, brady and sophi...the hardest children to photograph! haha! but look at these sweet smiles 

hanna wasn't in the mood either...very tired

but not too tired to work on her fitness..plank time! :)

again, my sweet little boy picking me flowers...:) (that may or may not be a BB in one hand) eek! none the less...i love it every time he picks me flowers!

the picture perfect shot of my girls...however, claire isn't crying bc of hanna too hard of hug... this is all she wanted.

This is Hanna's dance...from frozen! she was in her own world here! haha! our little dancing queen.

whoops..again with the BB! 

 sweet cousins...and claire's turn at trying to pick/eat the BB!

when one isn't crying...

the other is..

Well...better luck next year! lol.

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