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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bluebonnet pics...

Each year when we are in way East Texas we try and take the kids pics...this year, it worked out perfectly because we spied a bluebonnet patch right by my meme's house....PERFECT..except...sunday morning when we attempted to take their pics..they were not feeling the same excitement! I think the whole week of cousin time, plus a full day the day before..they were all worn out...but...we tried! 

nobody was cooperating, the sun was too bright, claire was tired and hungry....and this was at 8:30 in the morning! Ha!

probably the best ones we got!

claire wasn't feeling the beautiful bluebonnets..she just wanted food! 

my sweet little boy...thanks ty for cooperating! :)  if only his mother would get him a haircut! whoa!

oh, brady and sophi...the hardest children to photograph! haha! but look at these sweet smiles 

hanna wasn't in the mood either...very tired

but not too tired to work on her fitness..plank time! :)

again, my sweet little boy picking me flowers...:) (that may or may not be a BB in one hand) eek! none the less...i love it every time he picks me flowers!

the picture perfect shot of my girls...however, claire isn't crying bc of hanna too hard of hug... this is all she wanted.

This is Hanna's dance...from frozen! she was in her own world here! haha! our little dancing queen.

whoops..again with the BB! 

 sweet cousins...and claire's turn at trying to pick/eat the BB!

when one isn't crying...

the other is..

Well...better luck next year! lol.

Easter Reunion...

Once again, Easter weekend, meant a road trip to Dallas for the annual Cunningham Easter Reunion (my dad's side of the fam.)  Since B&S were in midland that week, Travis and I decided to take all 5 little darlings with us to dallas..since my mom and sister were working that morning. 
We had the car loaded down with snacks, movies and kindles fully charged! and actually, even travis admits, it was a pretty pleasant drive. We had one potty break (on the side of the road) about 1.5 into the trip..but it was fast and then we stopped at chick dil a in abilene for the kids to eat (including claire)...then back on the road. I was hoping to make it all the way to Mesquite, but Claire wanted more food in we stopped again...I fed her, kids went potty, got gas...and back on the road..but claire wasn't real happy about it....she pretty much cried the hour to mesquite! Sorry Claire bear...but, we were in lovely traffic (construction on top of that)...and there was no place to go! but, we all survived and we were glad to be at Meme's! The kids played with meme and trav and I cooked dinner (chicken spaghetti)...we nailed it! (as ty would say..haha). A little while later Grandpa showed up and later that, casey and daniel arrived! then it was time for bedtime...since saturday is always a busy day! :)

Girls watched Frozen and boys watched Jungle book! 

dinner at meme's....she even set up a table just for the kiddos! :) white table cloth and all...brave lady! haha.

 and she had cupcakes...this is hanna's favorite part and the only part she eats...the icing! ha. Although, she loves cupcakes...she was sooooooo excited a few were pink! OH DEAR! 

The boys were so excited to stuff the we let them...and surprisingly they didn't even eat the candy! Way to go boys! They had a routine...ty stuffed the egg with candy, handed it to brady where he neatly sat it on the table. lol.

The next morning...we always have a hunt at meme's before we head further east! 
Here the are coming out of the gate!

claire was a little slow and needed grandpa's help! ha.
Next year claire! 

Poor ty..his pants are always falling down! haha! 

Grandpa with his grands...

meme and her great-grandkids.

yay for claire's first easter! she was so excited! :) hehe.

Didn't take long for all the eggs to be found..and inside we went to count eggs and money...(meme's eggs only have money)..:) what are great-grandmothers for! 

after all that fun...we headed an hour east for the reunion! 
Potluck lunch, followed by a giant easter egg hunt...where prizes are given away...most eggs found, most money, oldest and youngest family member, furthest traveled..
just a good time with family.  My dad does the MC'ing and he said it was the 62 or something year for this...not sure if he was correct, but nobody questioned'll go with it! ha! 

Yes the Easter bunny makes an appearance too...

Sophi has never been a fan..and still wasn't this year! good thing for daddy's!

Kids line up and after the word "Go"..they all take off! LOTS of eggs to be found! 

brady had his game face on...

and they are off...

younger kids get eggs in front!

Hanna took her sweet time....she forgets she has a winning reputation to uphold..haha! 

" I pick it up?" or she saw a bug...she hates bugs! my little girly-girl.

ty and brady had it down this year! 

sophi took her sweet time to...and would make pit stops when she'd find candy on the!

my beautiful sis and bro-in-law!

Ty wanted his and his family's pic with the easter bunny.

so we did! 

Ty came in 3rd with money..just beat out by a few cents! 

he and brady got top 5 eggs found! :) 

Meme and Ty listening to the awards! (Can you believe she just had her 80th bday)...looking good meme! 

speaking of awards...look who got an award this year! my sister and I are always beat out by the youngest baby award by just weeks....and this year was no difference...but I jokingly made a comment on Facebook about making a new award for "most kids in car." and look what we won!!!! LOL...Hilarious! I was hoping for a bottle of wine..but this is way better! almost made me tear up! ha! I have won several awards back in the day....but this one has to be one of my fav's! going on the wall for sure! haha! 

The Lankford family...minus my aunt bren and her family! 

before we left...the easter bunny came and saw our kiddos...they were so excited! 

a glimpse of the set up...

It's located in Emory, the "country" as we say...lots of green grass, ponds, horses, etc...I knew ty would love to fish this grandpa and trav went to bass pro friday night and got the boys fishing poles..(to add to their collection)...brady caught a fish...and of course, trav had to take a turn and caught one as well! ty could have sat there and fished all day! 

Bubbles and kites are also a must have at this event! 

of course, the girls had to fish as well! 

that night...after food and baths, it was cuddle time with grandpa...and me, sister and mom went on a target run...There is a super target right by meme's house...we could spend hours in there...but we were in a hurry since claire was apparently starving! 

can you believe this happy thing would be starving???

Another great and memorable easter reunion. I had a great time going when I was a kid but now it's fun watching my kids hunt eggs and play with their distant cousins! (and the food is always great too).