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Monday, March 3, 2014

Ty's Ninja Turtle Party...

For awhile now Ty has been OBSESSED with anything and everything Ninja it seems like for a year he has been requesting a NT bday, that's what he had for his big 4 year old party.
Since his birthday is February's hard to gauge what the weather will be like outside. His first bday was beautiful outside...the last 2 were super cold and, we just can't risk planning an outdoor, this year we had it at Bingham Center...a gymnastics and dance's actually where Hanna does her lessons...but perfect for all kids to run, jump, climb...basically get any/all energy out! The only bad thing is the party room is a little small..however, we had a lot of guests...Ty is one lucky and loved little boy! and you can only get there 30 minutes in advance to set up....and let me tell you...those 30 minutes was the fastest EVER...with unloading 2 cars, 2 kids that have to go set! so...decor, pictures and neatness...kinda went by the, if you think it looked's because it kinda was. We totally ran out of time. 
Thankfully, it was for our little Boy's 4th bday...who could have cared less about decor but just wanted to play with his friends....and he had an EXCELLENT time...from that stand point..the party was a success!, everyone (especially the little boys) were so sweaty...and tears were coming bc people didn't want to leave! hate to see that but at the same time I was glad people had fun. 
Can't believe we just celebrated our little boys..4th birthday! WOW! 

Got his invitations from PartiesInBloom on ETSY...

(Side note:  I ordered these, had them printed out and was showing Trav and this was our convo:

T: "Whoa, little risque for you..but i like it."
L: what do you mean?"
T: "A Shell of a good time"
after hearing him say it outloud..
L:"oh my goodness..I didn't even catch that." lol!
T:hahahahahaha...(laughing at his wife)
but, parents need humor too....

woops...haha..So funny! I was just thinking "shell" like a turtle shell..haha...

and his "big boy birthday shirt." (thought an applique shirt was too "young" for him), this shirt was perfect...from aimtopleasecreations on Etsy. 

Every guests walked in and grabbed a mask...thanks to my mom for helping make them...apparently when you have an infant and 2 "really good" makes doing crafty stuff difficult! Thanks mom...she did a great job!

Travis was in charge of the Ninja Balloons...and did an excellent job!
I had left over sticky eyes from making mummy drinks for hanna's class at they worked perfectly on ty's balloon ninja turtles! 
Diana from The Girl Next Door Sweets made these delicious cookies for party favors and I got the tags from ellemkdesigns off easy! she did an excellent job

 Food table...NT fruit salad (red-strawberries, blue-blueberries, orange- cantaloupe and purple-grapes)
green- chocolate covered popcorn
and of course you can't have a NT party without pizza (their favorite food.) we had pizza rolls! 
and the lovely NT green cupcakes...little inside note though...I saw those on pinterest and thought they would be perfect for the party. I made my own buttercream icing,  put majority in a big bowl and added green food coloring and then divided the rest out for the 4 different NT's masks... (trav helped in this part too and was sooo proud for "killing" the purple (lol) 
I bought candy eyes so after I pipped all the masks on we put the eyes on....well, we woke up the next morning to find Rafeal (the red one) had a good time the night before bc his eyes were bloodshot..and the other NT's eyes matched their mask as well! WOA! nobody on pinterest mentioned to not put them on overnight! So....I am here to tell not put them on the night before...maybe only an hour or 2 before! haha! live and learn! luckily, I had enough to do another round of eyes (that we put on at the party to prevent that from happening again..and scaring all the kids..haha)...

I was also going to make my own cupcake batter...but, I had run out of milk and butter and hadn't had a chance to go to grocery friday when trav got home from work I went...and when I was on the baking isle..I found the most perfect NT party item....GREEN cupcake mix!! it came in a little pouch (like muffin mix you can buy)...and only cost $, i grabbed 4 of those babies and was so excited...and it was funfetti they turned out delicious! and so fun having them green! (without adding a whole bottle of food coloring to get that effect)..ha! 

I also found these super great barrel drinks that looked kinda like a turtle shell and were all the colors of the NT's at, they were low in sugar (only 2g) and only 10 calories in each had vit e and b! JUST PERFECT! Oh, and another perk I liked...they all came with straws too! :) Great find..hope they stick around sam's for awhile. 

The kids had such a great time playing in the gym and hopefully went home and crashed for their parents...ha! 

My little ninja turtle!!! 

Sophi went to scare grandpa...and was soo funny..bc afterwards she pulled her mask off and said, "grandpa, it's just me, sophi," so funny! 

and then she worked on her power cracks me up! but, look at that form.

Hanna was in her element..gymnastics and babysitting..her 2 favorites! ha!

 A lot of Ty's friends from school came so that was fun for him...they have a fun little group and all those boys get along so well! love that for ty!

 Cupcake time...

Disclaimer on the plates...when we got there I noticed the NT plates didn't make the, trav to the rescue..ran to the store real fast and his 2 options were...colorful balloons or he chose the balloons....great call, babe! haha! great choice even under!

A few dad's trying to climb across the wall! haha. Kids loved that entertainment...and so did the wives! lol...we were sooo proud!

And yes, I even painted the walls green...anything for my  little boy! lol...just kidding..but, worked great for our theme! and no, trav and i did not both plan on being michaelangelo (the orange one)..but it worked out! hahaha.

mom-mom and grandpa...

aunt casey and cousins brady and sophi ( princess)

Gamy and Granddaddy...

meme and her little, ty.

After pics..ty got to open 1 present....yes, we bribe..haha!
Legos from brady and sophi!!! which he (with the help from gamy)put together immediately when we got home)...he also loves legos.

After the party...all the fam came to our house for pizza and presents...and maybe a bottle glass of wine for the parentals! haha! birthday parties are hard

What ty looks like most of the day...except not always in his jammies.

NT swim suit from gamy and granddaddy...which he wore to swim lessons today (monday).

NT sleeping bag from aunt ash...he loved it...carries it around to go "camping" and even sleeps in it by his bed in his room! haha.

pre-bday party fun the night before..
Ty chose the "superhero" ice cream

and Hanna of course, chose the pink ice cream! 

making cupcakes!!

 Ty is completely spoiled and blessed with great family and many presents...

brothers bday party even wore out this little girl...after church on sunday they held hands coming home...this is her sleepy face! 

We had such a great time celebrating our little boy and the blessing he is to us! 
and thanks to all the family and friends who came to celebrate with us! 

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