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Friday, March 28, 2014

Tball Time...

Well, it's finally here...the day Travis has dreamt about for 4 years...Tball season! ha!
Ty made the age cut for 4 year old tball..and let's just's a lot of chaotic cuteness...all the little boys look adorable in their baseball uniforms...but, they all have a lot of learning to do..ha!
There are soooo many kids in tball this year.(thanks to the oil boom and the abundance of people in this town). Ty's team has 14 kids..woa! and there are around 30 teams  broken into 3 divisions...somehow with the abundance of teams his team got put in division 2 with the 5-6 year olds...and we have a young team...but, it's still fun. 
They play 3 innings where each kid gets to bat..they play outs but the whole team gets to bat...
the first game I don't think we got any runners out...but this last out they got several that was exciting~!
They just switch around on the field. but there is a lot of downtime which makes kids play in the dirt, throw gloves around, etc...the typical tball scenario! ha!, but, it's cute. 
His league are names from triple A we are the ever intimidating, Muckdogs, (which apparently, is a team in upstate NY).  The hats and shirts do not match..but at opening ceremonies we saw another team had our, guess the league messed up on that...oh well...

Ty is number 7 just like his daddy was... :)

our lovely uniforms... 

 First day of practice...they practiced 2 days a week for oh, about 2-3 weeks and now that the season started they no longer have practice :)

Before the season began they had opening ceremonies to introduce all the teams...and it was at our triple A baseball Ty thought that was pretty cool.

There's his team...with our favorite coach (Travis) at the caboose...herding his cats..haha.

and my favorite little player..

Coach, Ty and the best little cheerleader! 

Their games are played m/w at 6....
The first game was a gorgeous day! 
Ty played pitcher and 3rd baseman..(if you call it that..haha)..

fielded a couple of balls and threw it to first...

hit the ball all three at bats..

run, ty, run..

on first..

running home...

yay, ty!

the teams cutest cheerleaders...

the boys favorite part of the dugout…climbing the fence..

game over! phew!

The second game I was "Dugout mom" which includes the after game snacks….
so, homemade graham cracker baseballs and power-ade…definitely a poor job on the baseball laces…but, the small amount of time I had..i figured little boys didn't care..haha…probably didn't even notice.haha.

let me tell you..dugout mom is no joke! phew! 
dugout mom is in charge of getting all the kids in sync with the lineup…batting helmets, bats, and then finding their glove and hat to get on field….it's crazy..and add a screaming infant and toddler and a husband who is the coach = one chaotic mess! haha! one hand holding pacifier in claire's mouth, yelling kids names to lineup..haha…probably was hilarious to others! luckily, claire was saved by a grandma in training and my mom made it to the game for the last inning to help with hanna! let's just say, I was glad to serve my roll..but, glad it was over! haha! 
So…not many pics from that game…

Ty played first base for a while…
was thrown out at first 2 times..but never helps when he hits it to first..
They did so much better than last game….and it went faster too..only an hour (first game was hour and half)….
and the wind was howling…my face still feels wind blown! 
but we all survived.
and they did great!

until next week!! :)

GO MUCKDOGS!!!! #7 on the field #1 in my heart….GO TY! 

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