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Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy 31st, Trav!

Today, 31 years ago....the man God chose for me to marry was born..and I am so grateful that he was! He definitely makes life way more exciting...he always makes me (and others) laugh, full of life, loves to hunt and fish but works at a desk all day to provide for our family! :) We appreciate him more than he knows..and love him very much! 

This year we are separate places(me and kids in abilene for bradys' bday and Trav in houston for a friends wedding shower) for his bday... so we celebrated a little all week!

Ty and Hanna went to Abilene on wednesday night so we celebrated his birthday Tuesday!

We started by surprising him at work with peanut butter cookies with chocolate frosting...
and let me tell is VERY HARD to surprise him at work..b/c you have to have a special key to get into the office and to go on the makes it very difficult to surprise! haha..we have actually tried many times and it never works out...
This year, we got lucky and a co-worker was coming in too and let us in! PHEW! So, ty and hanna interrupted his work phone call and although Trav was very busy he took the time to stop and chat with us...and passed out cookies to the co-workers that came to see what the commotion was all about! haha.
Since we had already interrupted his work he decided to come eat lunch with us...the kids got to of was chick fil a!

claire was there too..but asleep in her carseat!

That night we had his "birthday party." Ty and hanna were in charge of putting his gifts in the bag...and they wanted to fold them neatly for their daddy! :) so sweet! 

Then they were on the look out for daddy...
We were continuing our surprise day by having his favorite foods for and peanut butter chocolate cake!
I had run out of PB and I needed more for the, we went to get more PB when it was time to pick up the, I was hurrying getting the cake finished before he came, ty and hanna were watching for him..haha! They were.SO.EXCITED. to surprise him..

after several false alarms...daddy finally walked through his streamers and balloons and heard the "happy birthday" song by 2 wonderful singers! 

and this drooling little girl... (like i said, I was in a claire stayed contently in her carseat until I finished the cake..hehe).

3 of travis' favorite..all with the letter P...Pizza, PB chocolate cake and Presents..haha

The cake was absolutely's the recipe

Ty even tied a balloon to "daddy's chair" for his bday..but he ended up sitting there..haha! (btw...the balloons were from ty's party..and there was the lone balloon that still had helium in it! haha).

We had such a fun night (and day) in honor of JTR! the night ended with us all in our bed watching JAWS...YES..even ty and hanna..just ask them about the man swimming! hahahahaha! Sooo shocked they didn't have nightmares that night! haha! they only saw a little bit of it but it just happened to be when a swimmers leg got bitten off! OH DEAR!! perfect! ha!
Not the movie I would prefer my kids to see at 2 and 4..but, nevertheless...they did! ha!

Wednesday night after I got home from dropping off ty and hanna

(the girls singing, "Let it Go." sister played it for them and looked back and said Hanna had her microphone out and hand in the air dancing...and then sophi did the same...haha! who doesn't love that song).

..and trav got home from tball practice...we just sat in silence and just talked for a good hour or so...without.any,interruptions! soooo nice! and claire even slept all night! woohoo!
Thursday, since my mom was off for spring break she treated us to lunch...and my parents watched Claire that night while we had another un-interrupted dinner! so lovely..and super delicious!
unfortunately, this little snuggle bunny has a sinus! but, still puts on a smile! 

I am about to take Trav to the airport where he'll land in houston at 9:35 and spend the rest of the day fishing with his best friend....a wonderful birthday for fact, he'll get to fish several days, spend time with his family and friends and come back monday! perfect way to spend his 31st birthday!
Happy Birthday, Travis! We love you!

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