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Monday, February 3, 2014


Over the weekend Gamy and Granddaddy came to visit...we all had a great time. 

but..before they got to Midland friday night...ty wanted his turn with Claire... I love how Ty always wants to hold Claire...he'll talk and coo with is seriously so cute! He's always looking out for her...and she always has big smiles for him..Love how they love each other..

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL here....Trav and I went on a little outing by SAMs and Academy...haha...not the  most romantic places but it was nice being just with Trav and not having to haul/monitor 3 kids! it was peaceful! haha.
While we were gone they enjoyed a nice walk outside and ran into our favorite neighbors...
after lunch and nap time...everyone was back outside....
even had a game of tag fball. trav and gamy against the rest of the gang! :) aka..the Tigers vs Red Raiders...
Ty: "Hanna you are a Tiger"
Hanna: "I not Tiger, I Hanna"

afterwards, ty and hanna went with gamy and granddaddy to the toy store...Ty chose a ninja turtle car (shocking I know) and hanna a bathtime babydoll (again, shocker)...
Claire stayed and had her snack...and then we all met up for a pizza dinner followed by froyo! Our bellies were happy! was beautiful in a different way...SNOW! crazy! so, we enjoyed being in the house all day.

except when ty, hanna and gamy went out to build a snowman...and had a friendly snowball fight...

Claire was happy to be inside! 

It was a great, fast weekend....with lots of ninja turtle play! :)
Watched the superbowl...poor broncos...and then hit the hay! (I'm a poet and didn't know it..hehe)

Monday, gamy and granddaddy got their last dosage of ninja turtle play before heading back to Katy. 

and then this little boy headed to swim lessons....

he took swim lessons last year...but a new year, new place! so far (1 day) it has been great! very happy with it!
Ty smiled the whole time and was excited about it..and can't wait to go back! Success in my book! :)

Hanna watched him the whole time...she was so proud/happy for him. She's such a good little cheerleader!

And...I am ready for the warm weather to stay...this back in forth thing is not fun..or good for my kids immune system! boooo! and very confusing for winter to spring clothing transition! lol.

oh, and btw...I got my groovebook in last week that I posted about before....LOVE it...Y'all should all get one! super neat! still use the code Roby56 for your first one to be free! :) 
Check it out! :)

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