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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ty is 4...

Today at 11:47pm...4 years ago...I was blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy! He was and still is absolutely perfect! 
I love him so incredibly much and he has become such a smart, caring, lovable, ninja turle lovin, sweet, sweet little boy! I could go on and on...
He makes me laugh and keeps my brain working with all the questions...but, that's how we learn.
Weighs 38lbs and 41 inches tall...

He wants to be a Hunter when he grows up...but, no matter what he decides..I know I will be sooo proud of him. 

The Kid LOVES his ninja turtles!!!

Ty woke up...came to find me.( i was feeding claire) and I sang him Happy Birthday...I told him, "Ty you are 4 years old now." and he said, "What? I'm 4 already?" haha...
He said, "mommy, I'm just going to lay right here." Which is not unusual...when they wake up early and find me feeding Claire, both kids will either lay beside me or crawl up in my lap and rest their head on the boppy....
But, then my sweet little 4 year old ended up throwing up....since Travis even woke up early to spend more time with Ty on him bday...I yell, "travis, come here quick." and travis rushes ty to the bathroom...
We both thought...oh no, the stomach bug!
He was trying to act tough but we could tell he wasn't feeling too hot! 
He had been asking me for Birthday pancakes for a good, he still wanted them....

This was right before he got "sick"...

and this is how excited he was about his breakfast he had been looking forward too for awhile...poor baby.....didn't even touch it.

Like a great mom...I sent him to school anyways...he had been up close to 2 hours before we left for school at 8...and only had that one episode...and he was soooo excited about taking his bday cupcakes to his, I let him go...and worried about him all morning and waited for the call from the school...and then right before lunch I got that call...not b/c he threw up but bc he had a 101, I went to pick up my bday boy...
He told me he "was cold and that's why they took my temperature"..and then he told me, "my knee hurts" and later when we got him ,"right here (hips) hurt from my underwear and pants." I thought..oh dearr...all these symptoms (vomit, fever, chills, body aches) are all classic signs of the flu...NNOOOO!
he crashed in my bed for a few hours.....(I was trying to keep him quarantined from, I had brady and sophi)..
During that time, I tried to get him into our dr...but she was full for 2 solid days...they referred me to another clinic..who was also booked for 2, I called Medcor...a clinic for pioneer employees and family (who travis works for) and got him in the next morning. Great perk! until then, we just waited, cuddled and watched cartoons!
One of the saddest things was the fact he wanted to see and play with Claire...but I wouldn't let him get too close...and his little face would look so sad..and it just broke my heart! He loves both his very protective of Hanna and is constantly loving on claire....sweetest big brother..

when he finally woke up he opened a bday card from his cousin mccain to find lots of NT stickers..he was so happy! made his day.

brady and sophi left, hanna went to dance and claire was napping so it was just mommy and ty cuddle time...and he told me..i will never ever forget, "mommy, you make me feel better." ahhhh...i am tearing up now...I hated more than anything that he was sick and on his bday...but hearing those words melt any momma's hearts! He sure is one super special little boy! 

Our plan was to go to chick fil a (his choice) for dinner but due to the circumstances...daddy brought it to him..bc he still wanted it and what the bday boy wants..he gets! he had not eaten all day..and he ate every bite of his dinner...

and even asked for some bday cake..
 We just prayed it all stayed down..and it did!

Next day, we took him to just double check..even though he hadn't had a fever since late afternoon the day before, he looked and acted sooooo much better..but, I really wanted him to get flu test just to be sure...and it came back, NEGATIVE!!! YAY...we all celebrated! 
guess, it was just a little virus of some sort...that is now gone! whoohoo! 
he told me, "mommy, I know why I was sick  yesterday...because, when you turn 4 you get sick for one day." hahaha! at least he was in good spirits about it! 

Hanna was being so sweet and making sure he was "otay" and of course, being the dr...and giving him a "checkup"
So, glad he is felling better...and is ready for his NINJA Turtle birthday party saturday! 

Love you, Ty Lankford Roby! 

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