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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hanna the Ham...

Hanna has quite the personality...of course, like most kids, she becomes shy around others..but at home..she is quite the Ham...

She is also quite the mommy...she isn't the greatest about obeying her mommy..but, she is great at telling Ty the rules and is great at being bossy! She is kinda hard to understand and when she gets on a tangent her words seem to roll, she'll sound like a QB calling the play with her finger pointing...bossy britches.
She treats all her baby dolls like we treat claire...and they always go "poo-poo" which requires a handful of wipes that come with that.
She also thinks any child under the age of 5 is a baby and will treat them as such..doesn't matter their size..
When Claire drools..which is constant...she will run to get a "wipey" and wipe her mouth off...which includes the whole face! 
She is much more daring than Ty..and is always climbing on things..if it is higher it's fair game to climb she thinks.
She loves the color pink and anything that sparkles...along with her jewelry! 
She still sleeps on the floor...why I have a bed in there, I have no idea...should just get her a sleeping bag! ha.
She actually carried claire from Hanna's room to Ty's room...while I was putting away clothes in ty's room! AAHHH! 
she uses third person a lot...and will say, "hey, what about Hanna?" or "What is Hanna going to have?"
She HAS TO give everyone kisses before nap or bedtime..or it's not happening...she is a lover! 

The other night...while she was, again, at her door instead of in her bed..she usually calls out, "mommy" 100,000,000 times...well, she apparently heard commotion in the kitchen and stops her "mommmmm-mmmmyyy" and says, "Daddy, is that you in kitchen?" hahahha..we couldn't help but bust out laughing...she totally busted trav! LOL.

Sunday at church, as we were getting out of the car, she decided to jump to travis while he wasn't looking and face planted on the pavement...obviously, tears streaming...I thought for sure her face was banged up...but surprisingly, no scrapes, cuts or blood. Checked her hands...they were good too. I thought, wow, got lucky on that one. 
well, I had to feed claire first, after I finished feeding her and came to sit down in our pew I saw her knees were all banged up..holes in tights and blood all over her knees. Didn't even think to look there initially b/c sure looked like a face plant. 
I tried to take her tights off..but of course, since the blood was making them stick to her "boo-boo"she wouldn't let me..and I figured me nor the church wanted a big melt down in, I just let her wear her beat up tights to class. 

Since she failed to sleep the night before, she fell asleep in the car ride, we just took her to bed  once we got home..but naturally, she woke up in that process..but she stayed in her room and laid at the door yelling, "i can't eat bc I have a boo-boo." hahaha....
Ty would open her door for her but she would quickly close it bc, "Ty, I have a boo-boo."
It was then my turn to open her door..and after she would tell me the same, "mommy, my boo-boo." I told her she's fine and to come eat...which again, "I can't eat...I have a boo-boo."
I mean, i know her boo-boo was hurting but she was milking it for all it was worth and being a drama queen in the process...which in turn was cracking us up. 
I would be across the room and she would say, "Mommy, be careful, I have boo-boo."
This lasted alllllll She would even walk like an elderly lady...hunched over, without straightening her doubt, it did hurt to straighten/bend her knee..but it made us laugh so hard. 

She finally forgot about her we try not to even bring it up...b/c she'll be back to milking it. haha. 
and that was not her first boo-boo..nor will it be the last...but, for whatever reason..she wanted to make this one known! 
However, it was a great lesson...since she learned she's not as invincible as she thought...and will now sit in the chair, instead of standing, after I remind her of what could happen..and she'll respond with, "I don't want to do that again." hahahaha. Lesson learned! :)

her scrapped knee...she was covering up the other one..

She also LOVES to dance...she definitely has the shake part down.. CAN.NOT.WAIT for her recital in May! :)
The other night...when she decided to have a slumber party...without the slumber...I was tired so I let her come to bed with me...I turned the TV on..b/c she wasn't going to bed anytime soon..she was WIDE awake...and I found the SEC gymnastics championship we watched that....and she was glued to the TV...she absolutely loved it...and would try to mimic their moves on the bed. until she saw a girl fall off the balance beam..and then decided she didn't want to do that! haha.
The only thing she is interested in watching, intro to bubble guppies and now gymnastics..

her real life baby doll...poor claire...

In other news...
Ty is still LOVING swim lessons...he actually gets so excited about going and still can't wait for the next lesson and gets so excited after class to tell me all about it! 
It's so great as a mom to know your kid really enjoys what they are doing...and his teacher is great..they both just laugh the whole time...she told me, "he entertains me." and I am proud of him for not being shy and actually talking to her! 

This little sweet pea, is just that....sweet! 
IN FACT..Claire had a monumental saturday and ROLLED OVER (2-15-14) at 3 months!!! I had to assist her the last part...that stinkin arm wouldn't get out of the way...but she did it! so proud! :)

it's been GORGEOUS here lately...minus the wind, we've been at the pond almost daily...
today at our pond excursion..Hanna decided to throw Ty's obstacle course cones for his bike in the pond for the ducks...we tried to hide the scene from Ty..but he caught on...enter meltdown. 
So, he and trav went back to the pond with a fishing pole to try to get them but apparently they had already sunk....oh, the joys of little sisters! 

while daddy and ty mowed...we girls hung out! well, claire tried to nap...but when you have a leech for a sister...makes nap times difficult! 

Toddler-hood has it's very tough days..but, it's also a very fun age...and Hanna for sure keeps me on my toes...and makes me laugh constantly! very entertaining...a mess...but a cute mess! 

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