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Friday, February 7, 2014

Daddy/daughter Date....

Friday night, February 7, 2014, Hanna had her first (and only..until she is 30) date....with her daddy! He is one very lucky man! hehe! 
She was sooooooo excited and could.not.wait to put on her "pink dress" and go have an "ice cream cone" (aka..brownies and ice cream) with her daddy...

We curled her hair...but it lasted a whole 5 minutes....even with hairspray..haha! poor baby girl has her mommy's super straight hair! But, she LOVED getting her hair curled! 

and then ran to her room to get her dress on...:)

but her favorite part...was the twirling...
It's funny b/c when I was little I would only wear dresses "that twirled" If they didn't pass the "twirl test" they were not purchased! haha! I think it drove my mother crazy...looks like I may get my dose too! haha. Memories! 

and her

she then proceeded to put on majority of her jewelry...oh dear! 

She has one very Handsome match one beautiful girl...
Travis is a great father who is very active with his, he was even excited about this "date."plus, he had the belle of the ball on his arm! hehe!

Daddy even came to the front door to pick her up..gave her a flower (from our dining room decor..haha) and whisked her away!!! :) she could not have been more excited! 

   I know she is one super special date if he walks her to the door afterwards.. (if she's not asleep)...b/c not even his bride was walked to the door after our first date! LOL! but, I still kept him...hehe!

I love this little girl to pieces and I am tearing up thinking of the day when this isn't her daddy whisking her away....:( however, it will be fun to teach she and her brother and sister about manners and etiquette 101!  :) Travis might just take after his father-in-law and just happen to be cleaning his guns the day a boy comes to the door to take his daughters out! hahaha.

They went to church where they will have dessert and dancing...Hanna LOVES to dance but her favorite part is Twirling...haha! 

Could not be any sweeter!!! and I know they both will have a fantastic time with memories that will last a lifetime....

I just feel for her and Claire and Ty b/c on Hanna's first daddy date..we had every piece of camera equipment me a little glimpse of what's going to happen at their first everything (date, prom, etc etc..).....poor kids! hehehehe! I'm totally going to be "that embarrassing mom." ;)

Hanna are one super sweet blessing!!!!

"I loved her first."

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