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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Claire 3 months...

Today our little Claire Bear is 3 months! can't believe it. 
She is such a happy baby, unless her tummy hurts, sleepy or tired. but then again, who is happy in those situations..ha!
She is still sleeping through the nights.. some nights. Lately, I have been feeding around midnight and 3-4:00...but, I am hoping she'll get back to her old habits of finding her thumb soon! haha!
She is a drooling machine...and her fingers are constantly in her mouth. I try to give her toys to chew on but they don't seem to do the trick like her, they are typically red, slobbery and wet. 
She is in 3-6M clothes and still rockin size 1 diapers. I tried a size 2 and they were a little too big..but size ones are just about way too small...she needs a size 1.5!
Still has big blue eyes and hair color depends on lighting...either brown or red. we are still uncertain! 
she has the BIGGEST smiles...and is soooo happy when I pick her up in the mornings out of her bed...I like to think it's bc she is happy to see her mommy...but, it's probably bc she correlates me with food and the diaper changer lady...either way..I'll take her happy smiles! 
she talks away when she has the chance...making all kinds of sweet sounds.
Hates tummy time....i mean, hates it. you lay her on her tummy and a second later she is crying. She prefers to be upright...either being held upright or in her bumbo chair! She just wants to know what is going on! :)

She just goes with the flow of our crazy, busy life! :)

So proper...
There's a big smile..still has her little dimple..

This is really what she looks like when she's awake...

Ty sprouted his first tooth at 4 months...wonder if she'll do the same???

This picture sums up her 3 month life perfectly...slight smile with fingers in mouth! ready to sit up all on her own! 

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