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Monday, January 6, 2014


On fall weekends I play the single mom roll as Trav enjoys going to the deer lease and shooting things....deer are his favorite but other 4 legged animals find their way in front of his gun too...ha! so, while he is entertained at the deer lease, I am entertained by 2 fun personalities and a cute little bambino! at home! :) we will all be at the deer lease together in the future but with a NB it just wasn't happening this year!
Our weekend in a nut-shell...
Lots of car rides, swinging, ninja turtles, baby dolls (and not just claire).I tried to do laundry (tried being the key word)...

Hanna grabbed her purse, put on her jacket and said, "Let's go mommy." so....we did!

She still isn't a great driver...and wants to go fast like big bro...but, I am not ready to have her govern off would be more of a workout than it already is..haha...and lots of things would be run into or over!
so, she gets out and hops in with ty...who only has one! he drives the streets of WP like he owns the place!

he drove us to see the ducks...he loves to off-road...
I had claire in my ergo-carrier and we had a hard time keeping up with ty! lol.
the kid loves dinosaurs!

he's never "tired" at nap time, so after his quiet time and hanna's awake..when we go places this is what happens..immediately!

my little photographer...he said, "mom, claire looks cute playing, let me have your phone to take a picture." idea where he gets it.

this little one would not cry or sleep unless cuddled up next to me!

found her polish and went to town....when i bought that set (makeup and polish) the package said, "pretend."....well, turns's not...and her makeup always looks like a clown and her whole foot was painted purple! ha!

I told them to go get their jackets and shoes on so we could play outside..and these are the shoes hanna chose! haha!

claire thinks they are silly too!

after being on foot with claire the first few times while trying to help hanna drive and catch up to ty..i became smarter and put claire in the, it became her first official walk...and I was able to keep up with ty! haha.

of course, hanna ended up not choosing to drive, didn't want to ride with ty (don't blame her) but found the perfect spot on the stroller! haha!

My little nascar driver!

ty asked if we could "go to the pond with the coy fish." haha.. 

so we did.

we are all very excited when daddy comes, I don't play ninja turtles near as well as he does..haha!

I have thoroughly enjoyed our lazy days filled with playtime....but it all came to an end as karate started back up today, school starts tomorrow...enrolled ty in swim lessons, signing him up for tball and hanna in dance class! phew...back to reality! :) 

Trav got a great 10 pt deer to close the season! :) 
I was so happy for him...and he was just so excited...patience is a virtue! all my single mommy days and weekends were worth it! he actually got 4 deer this year (2 bucks and 2 does)...
Interesting story...his last doe was left for 2 hours while he helped look for another guys deer...and when they came back to trav's it was being eaten by a was, the raccoon and who knows what else got to keep it! 

 guilty raccoon prints...crazy!

now that deer hunting season is over..bring on fishing and golf! :) Love my outdoorsman hubs! :) 

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