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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year..New Look...

Hope y'all had a great time ringing in the new year...this was actually the first time in 6 years that Trav and I have stayed awake for new years...haha! we may have been in our bed..but we made it! haha! and claire she was wanting her midnight cocktail...
We had a great time celebrating the new year with some great friends...but we had to leave as hanna was falling asleep...but they made it until 11! Luckily, today, trav took the kids to the park to make some of the grumpies go and Claire went to the was crowded!

Hanna and her BFF...."cheese, look at the camera." wish i had recorded HJB, NYE excitement...too cute!
Since hanna didn't nap that day...she was tired when we got there at 6...haha!

Claire napped through a big portion of the party and was ready to party at midnight!!!
Hanna fell asleep on the way home (11:00) and ty went to bed right when we got home...he was worn out!

Happy First NY Claire bear!

Hanna also got her first big girl haircut....
she did not want to sit still (she was driving the car and moving all over the place)..the lady kept asking her to watch the movie..but, after awhile I had to inform her that Hanna still isn't a tv watcher...but, I did hand her my phone to play a game! haha!
but, she did great...and her hair looks much better! 

We went and had lunch beforehand...she wanted a "hot dog" so sonic it was...since it was next to the hair salon.

See the bangs in her eyes....

and the long straggly hair...

She LOVED the car..

bangs and straggly hair are gone...

my little toddler!!!! :(

2013 was a fantastic year for us....and I can't wait to see what 2014 just gets better and better! 

2013...ty turned 3, trav turned the big 30, hanna turned 2, claire was born, celebrated 5 years of marriage, got a new ride, ty went hunting for first time, kids started a new school, traveled a bit (ruidoso, san antonio, houston), Hanna started gymnastics, Ty started karate, hanna's first haircut....

man, looking back we didn't do too much exciting things...but, our everyday life is a busy, adventure in itself...:) 

Cheers to 2014!!!

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