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Monday, January 13, 2014


After our kids are in bed...they go down about 7:30...that is me and travis time...(and sometimes Claire..:) but she is good and will typically let us talk or watch a TV show. Trav and I have one show every night that we enjoy watching...Friday night (yes, we are lame and are usually home) we enjoy watching Shark Tank. It's fun to see what everyday people invent..from little kids to grown adults. Whether a "Shark" aka billionaire..invests in them or not..they are all inspiring! 
This past Friday we actually...had a date night! WOA! haha...One of our friends turned 30 and we had a big group dinner and even went out for a drink afterwards...LOOK AT US! granted..the dinner was early and we had picked up claire (ty and hanna spent the night with the babysitter..aka my mom) and we were home and in bed by 10:30. haha! 
ANYWAYS...I say all of that bc...we missed our Shark Tank show..but thanks to modern day technology and DVR we watched in saturday night...:) bc of course we were home..haha.

and on the show I learned of a GREAT idea and company...I am so excited about it I just had to case y'all missed the show.

In cliff noted version.....
Groove Book is a site that allows you to download 100 pictures from your phone and they will mail them to you ( 4x6) in about 2 weeks all for......$2.99...that includes shipping! :)
When were were watching them pitch their company for an investor to hop on board...I told Travis that is an excellent idea and for the price...amazing! Not sure if yall know this...but I LOVE taking pictures...although I put a lot on my blog (that I print every so often) there are a ton I just take, upload to my computer and then forget about! we were watching I went and found the FREE app and immediately started downloading and started the whole process.
You just check which pics from your phones photo album that you want to be printed..and they will send you them. 
I had actually just cleaned up my photos...(aka..I ran out of space) and only had 80 that I wanted to I am still working on getting the last 20 (won't take me long) then they will send me my pics and next month I will re-submit another 100 pics.
You pay via CC and it's just a rolling tab every month and you can cancel at any time. 
However, if you sign up and use the code Roby56 you can get your first book free!

It's not like shutterfly, etc..where the pics are on the sheet of paper..these pictures are loose and you are able to frame if you desire!
The way they are able to keep their costs so low is b/c 1) they own their own printing company..and 2) b/c the book that is mailed with an indention on one side of the binding allowing it to be super flexible and able so ship for 80 cents.

Anyways, just wanted to pass along what I think is a great idea! I think it's perfect for us mommie-razzi's out there....:)

So search "groovebook" in your app store, download it and get started. 
I also liked their page of FB saturday...and apparently the whole world thought it was a great idea too b/c now they are the #5 most downloaded app! :)

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