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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2 month checkup...

Today Claire had her 2 month checkup...although she is almost 3 months..ha!
Her eating every 2 hours sure paid off as she is a growing girl...weighing 11 lbs 11 oz and 23 1/2 inches tall!
yay, Claire!
She is doing great and loves to sit up and look around! she's finding her voice and tries to let her voice be heard over her loud older siblings! :) 
She is so smiley and still has her dimple! :)
OH! and yes, she found her means, she has started sleeping through the night! woohoo! however, I have to wake up at 5 to pump b/c I am about to, I pump and then feed her...and then we have quiet time for about an hour until the crazies wake up! haha!
she is doing great and just a growing! :)
Her eyes are still very blue and it seems her hair might just end up RED! still early..but, she definitely has red in there...she'll be just like her aunt casey! People will think Claire is her aunt casey's child since she could have her red hair and blue eyes like my Brother in law!  haha!
and, let me just say....I am a complete advocate for vaccinations! (but, I won't get on my soap box..just know I  think they are 100% necessary). As cold harded as this might sound....since I am a nurse, and gave shots to babies for a living (before stopping after I had ty)...they never bothered me when it was my kids turn to get their shots. Now, don't get me's never easy seeing your child cry and hurt..but I know it's for their own good and they will be over the pain in no time!  That being said....for some reason, today was sooo hard for me to watch claire get her shots. She put on the saddest pouty face and just cried so loudly! makes me want to cry thinking about it! It might be b/c she really doesn't cry loud and, today seeing her like that made me so sad! :( but, mommy picked her up and consoled her and she was, timing worked out perfectly and she got a treat of milk right afterwards! which of course, made everything better! :)
Then we did retail therapy! :) hehe!

I looked back to compare all the kids stats at 2 months and they are crazily similar....

Ty: 23" 12 lb 8  oz

Hanna: 23" 13 lb 2 oz

Claire: 23 1/2" 11lbs 11 oz! 

Haha! They all seem to be on the same pace!
Ty has always measured tall and skinny...hanna is always our petit miss thing...(although I think she is getting taller) seems Claire will be right in the middle! :)

Blessed to have 3 healthy bambinos! :)

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