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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Claire Baby Blessing...

Sunday, all the babies that were born in 2013, at our church were given a baby being our baby girl, Claire!
The baby blessing has been different for each of our children...and special in their own way. This year, they had it for each service..first and second..which was nice since we attend first...we typically, would attend first, go to class and then back to 2nd for the blessing that happens at the, it was a nice change! :) Out of 13 babies born, us and 2 other babies were honored at first service...and we all sit in the same area...back left corner..haha! 
So, we sang a few songs and then each baby and family were introduced and  brought up to the front and given a gift (praise baby cd and a personalized scripture book for Claire)...the congregation prayed over us, we as parents agreed to be great parents :) and then an elder and his wife came and got each family and took us to our personalized  banner and again prayed over us and we had communion together! It was a very sweet blessing. Ty flew the coop and headed back to "our" (yes, like everyone, we have our self-proclaimed pew..haha) as we were leaving the front but Hanna stuck with me.  Trav and I strive to be great parents who bring their kids up knowing God with He as our center and foundation of marriage, life and, it's nice having a great support system and our church family behind us along the way! We couldn't ask for a better church family where we look up to so many for guidance! 

Funny story....Claire is always her sweet angelic self at church..never hardly makes a peep. I keep her in her carseat carrier and only get her out if she gets hungry and I have to go feed her. We keep her in the carrier for 2 reasons...1)she is usually sleeping and 2) flu and rsv season...:)
Sunday however, I had to get her out immediately since we were about to be called up to the front. I had her sitting in my lap when I heard a loud poop all know what I am referring to!
I thought, oh great...perfect timing...but if she can just wait until the blessing is over and then I will change her....then I heard it again...and again! OH DEAR! I grabbed a pacifier just in case she let the whole congregation know she wasn't happy...she hates to have a dirty diaper. I just happened to lift her up as they were calling names to find....poop all up her back, all over the back of her dress and panty hose and of course...all on my beige dress! PERFECT! So, I hurriedly grab the wipes (as our name was next) and between me, trav and my mom, we wipe all the excess off her and me and just shove wipes along the waist of her panty hose and the top of her diaper to at least try and keep it in...and I do what any good mom would do...give the poop leaking baby to her daddy and grab the toddler...and a burp cloth to try and hide the poop spot on my dress! lol.
Claire did great during the blessing and didn't make a peep..and watched everyone bless her! 
Afterwards, I grabbed the diaper bag and headed to clean her up! 
Silly girl! Definitely one to remember! haha! I could have honestly cared less about having poop on my dress standing in front of 350 was all about Claire..and it just comes with the territory...won't be the last time I get pooped on! Just so glad she chose that day to have a big explosion..haha.

With all the poop-age that went on..we skipped out on class..and went and took pictures...bc our photographer was in town...thanks sister! :)
So, if you are wondering where Claire's panty hose went....they were in a bag with poop on them..haha! and her shoes never stay on so, we ditched them early! :)
So, blessed to have 3 baby blessings under our belt! :)

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!!! love her to pieces.

all rested and ready for her baby blessing debut.

with our elder, saying a prayer followed by communion.

and pics after church...

my 2 favorite boys!

our little miss priss...she makes me laugh so much everyday....she has the funniest demeanor and a little mommy attitude! her expressions are hilarious! definitely our social butterfly.

I wish I could post all pics taken....Hanna has a different facial expression in each picture. Travis and I literally sat at the computer laughing at her in each one!! haha..she is such a mess...
and Ty is our reserved, shy child, who follows the rules....
what will Claire be????

our handsome...almost 4 year old.....TEAR!!!

our precious baby girl...almost 3 months old.

"As for me and my house, We Will serve the Lord."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2 month checkup...

Today Claire had her 2 month checkup...although she is almost 3 months..ha!
Her eating every 2 hours sure paid off as she is a growing girl...weighing 11 lbs 11 oz and 23 1/2 inches tall!
yay, Claire!
She is doing great and loves to sit up and look around! she's finding her voice and tries to let her voice be heard over her loud older siblings! :) 
She is so smiley and still has her dimple! :)
OH! and yes, she found her means, she has started sleeping through the night! woohoo! however, I have to wake up at 5 to pump b/c I am about to, I pump and then feed her...and then we have quiet time for about an hour until the crazies wake up! haha!
she is doing great and just a growing! :)
Her eyes are still very blue and it seems her hair might just end up RED! still early..but, she definitely has red in there...she'll be just like her aunt casey! People will think Claire is her aunt casey's child since she could have her red hair and blue eyes like my Brother in law!  haha!
and, let me just say....I am a complete advocate for vaccinations! (but, I won't get on my soap box..just know I  think they are 100% necessary). As cold harded as this might sound....since I am a nurse, and gave shots to babies for a living (before stopping after I had ty)...they never bothered me when it was my kids turn to get their shots. Now, don't get me's never easy seeing your child cry and hurt..but I know it's for their own good and they will be over the pain in no time!  That being said....for some reason, today was sooo hard for me to watch claire get her shots. She put on the saddest pouty face and just cried so loudly! makes me want to cry thinking about it! It might be b/c she really doesn't cry loud and, today seeing her like that made me so sad! :( but, mommy picked her up and consoled her and she was, timing worked out perfectly and she got a treat of milk right afterwards! which of course, made everything better! :)
Then we did retail therapy! :) hehe!

I looked back to compare all the kids stats at 2 months and they are crazily similar....

Ty: 23" 12 lb 8  oz

Hanna: 23" 13 lb 2 oz

Claire: 23 1/2" 11lbs 11 oz! 

Haha! They all seem to be on the same pace!
Ty has always measured tall and skinny...hanna is always our petit miss thing...(although I think she is getting taller) seems Claire will be right in the middle! :)

Blessed to have 3 healthy bambinos! :)

Monday, January 13, 2014


After our kids are in bed...they go down about 7:30...that is me and travis time...(and sometimes Claire..:) but she is good and will typically let us talk or watch a TV show. Trav and I have one show every night that we enjoy watching...Friday night (yes, we are lame and are usually home) we enjoy watching Shark Tank. It's fun to see what everyday people invent..from little kids to grown adults. Whether a "Shark" aka billionaire..invests in them or not..they are all inspiring! 
This past Friday we actually...had a date night! WOA! haha...One of our friends turned 30 and we had a big group dinner and even went out for a drink afterwards...LOOK AT US! granted..the dinner was early and we had picked up claire (ty and hanna spent the night with the babysitter..aka my mom) and we were home and in bed by 10:30. haha! 
ANYWAYS...I say all of that bc...we missed our Shark Tank show..but thanks to modern day technology and DVR we watched in saturday night...:) bc of course we were home..haha.

and on the show I learned of a GREAT idea and company...I am so excited about it I just had to case y'all missed the show.

In cliff noted version.....
Groove Book is a site that allows you to download 100 pictures from your phone and they will mail them to you ( 4x6) in about 2 weeks all for......$2.99...that includes shipping! :)
When were were watching them pitch their company for an investor to hop on board...I told Travis that is an excellent idea and for the price...amazing! Not sure if yall know this...but I LOVE taking pictures...although I put a lot on my blog (that I print every so often) there are a ton I just take, upload to my computer and then forget about! we were watching I went and found the FREE app and immediately started downloading and started the whole process.
You just check which pics from your phones photo album that you want to be printed..and they will send you them. 
I had actually just cleaned up my photos...(aka..I ran out of space) and only had 80 that I wanted to I am still working on getting the last 20 (won't take me long) then they will send me my pics and next month I will re-submit another 100 pics.
You pay via CC and it's just a rolling tab every month and you can cancel at any time. 
However, if you sign up and use the code Roby56 you can get your first book free!

It's not like shutterfly, etc..where the pics are on the sheet of paper..these pictures are loose and you are able to frame if you desire!
The way they are able to keep their costs so low is b/c 1) they own their own printing company..and 2) b/c the book that is mailed with an indention on one side of the binding allowing it to be super flexible and able so ship for 80 cents.

Anyways, just wanted to pass along what I think is a great idea! I think it's perfect for us mommie-razzi's out there....:)

So search "groovebook" in your app store, download it and get started. 
I also liked their page of FB saturday...and apparently the whole world thought it was a great idea too b/c now they are the #5 most downloaded app! :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dancing Diva...

I am officially a dance Hanna started her first day of dance...she's been in gymnastics but this semester she is starting Dance! 
It was fun going to the shoe store to get her fitted for tap and ballet shoes and see all the cute little girl dance outfits! so precious! of course her favorites are the tap shoes bc they make noise...haha! I never even knew they made ballet shoes that little! I was not in dance..that was my sister..I was the this is a whole new world for me! I can envision pictures of my sister when she was little all dolled up for her dance recitals and can see Hanna now looking the same! OH DEAR!!!  haha! here comes the rosy-red blush, buns, and lots of sparkles on uniforms...haha!
She loves to dance so I can't wait for her first recital! 
There were, i think, 5 girls in her class (2-3 year olds) and they all did much better than expected (at least in my mind)...they all seemed to pay attention to the teacher and were focused! Hanna mimicked the motions and I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. They close the door to the room and parents can only watch from a small tv screen in the lobby!  they were cute and hanna was showing travis her little moves that night at home! haha!

It's so fun to see hanna and her friend HJB in the same class..they were twinkles in gymnastics and now in dance! too cute!

Monday, January 6, 2014


On fall weekends I play the single mom roll as Trav enjoys going to the deer lease and shooting things....deer are his favorite but other 4 legged animals find their way in front of his gun too...ha! so, while he is entertained at the deer lease, I am entertained by 2 fun personalities and a cute little bambino! at home! :) we will all be at the deer lease together in the future but with a NB it just wasn't happening this year!
Our weekend in a nut-shell...
Lots of car rides, swinging, ninja turtles, baby dolls (and not just claire).I tried to do laundry (tried being the key word)...

Hanna grabbed her purse, put on her jacket and said, "Let's go mommy." so....we did!

She still isn't a great driver...and wants to go fast like big bro...but, I am not ready to have her govern off would be more of a workout than it already is..haha...and lots of things would be run into or over!
so, she gets out and hops in with ty...who only has one! he drives the streets of WP like he owns the place!

he drove us to see the ducks...he loves to off-road...
I had claire in my ergo-carrier and we had a hard time keeping up with ty! lol.
the kid loves dinosaurs!

he's never "tired" at nap time, so after his quiet time and hanna's awake..when we go places this is what happens..immediately!

my little photographer...he said, "mom, claire looks cute playing, let me have your phone to take a picture." idea where he gets it.

this little one would not cry or sleep unless cuddled up next to me!

found her polish and went to town....when i bought that set (makeup and polish) the package said, "pretend."....well, turns's not...and her makeup always looks like a clown and her whole foot was painted purple! ha!

I told them to go get their jackets and shoes on so we could play outside..and these are the shoes hanna chose! haha!

claire thinks they are silly too!

after being on foot with claire the first few times while trying to help hanna drive and catch up to ty..i became smarter and put claire in the, it became her first official walk...and I was able to keep up with ty! haha.

of course, hanna ended up not choosing to drive, didn't want to ride with ty (don't blame her) but found the perfect spot on the stroller! haha!

My little nascar driver!

ty asked if we could "go to the pond with the coy fish." haha.. 

so we did.

we are all very excited when daddy comes, I don't play ninja turtles near as well as he does..haha!

I have thoroughly enjoyed our lazy days filled with playtime....but it all came to an end as karate started back up today, school starts tomorrow...enrolled ty in swim lessons, signing him up for tball and hanna in dance class! phew...back to reality! :) 

Trav got a great 10 pt deer to close the season! :) 
I was so happy for him...and he was just so excited...patience is a virtue! all my single mommy days and weekends were worth it! he actually got 4 deer this year (2 bucks and 2 does)...
Interesting story...his last doe was left for 2 hours while he helped look for another guys deer...and when they came back to trav's it was being eaten by a was, the raccoon and who knows what else got to keep it! 

 guilty raccoon prints...crazy!

now that deer hunting season is over..bring on fishing and golf! :) Love my outdoorsman hubs! :) 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Claire 2 Months...

Today our baby girl is 2 months...

still eats every 2 hours...
rockin 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers
smiles a lot
plays and enjoys looking around
likes tummy time but not for long
brown hair/blue eyes
doesn't like to be cold
holds head up great
loves her bumbo chair
went on first walk in BOB today...

we go to dr soon for 2 month checkup...can/t wait to see how much she's grown