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Monday, December 16, 2013


We had such a wonderful family weekend....they don't happen too often this time of the year due to hunting, when they do..I love every minute!
With everything going baby, bad weather, hunting, etc...our outdoor (and indoor for that matter) took a toll this year...and our outdoor lights just didn't make it out this year. So, we have been telling Ty we could go look at lights...and everyday he reminds us! haha! On friday we were hoping to attend a christmas party but with a baby that feeds every 2 hours (and fussy on top of that) 2 snotty nosed and tired kiddos we just didn't make, Ty finally got his wish of looking at christmas lights. He and Hanna both loved them...and Claire enjoyed the ride..(which was nice b/c her crying is out of control lately...haha)...
We found a house that WENT.ALL.OUT...and did an amazing job of 1-uping the Griswold's. They had so much going on and lite up the whole street...neighbors didn't have to put up lights! ha! 
They even had the radio synced to their lights...and a big screen TV playing "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." and Ty even asked to take a picture with the Grinch...Hanna did too, but it was more of a tactic to get out of her carseat! ha! 
Santa claus was dancing and waving in the window and the dad and little boy that lived there handed out candy canes...Although at first we thought the people had gone really was a neat house and for a good cause b/c they were taking donations for the soup kitchen! really neat..and glad we found it!

Saturday, we woke up and had our breakfast in bed..our saturday norm. but, this morning Ty and I had the cutest little waitress that took our order...and luckily the chef was able to read toddler scribbles writing! :)

after breakfast it was time to get dressed and start our day....

we had chores to do...mainly trav..hehe! I have been on a big Organizational kick lately and I am desperately trying to get our house organized...trying is the BIG key word here. So, trav installed some shelves in our laundry room and another coat's a start! I was able to clean the kids closets since Trav was home to keep them away..for a bit that was nice.
Next up is the upstairs room...wish me luck when that day comes...won't be until after christmas I bet...but, we have been weeding out some toys that aren't played, again, it's a start! :)

That night we went and ate at chick-fil-a and then headed to the midland was cancelled a couple of weeks ago due to the ice and was brought there were apparently a lot of floats that didn't make the reschedule and they ended up combining the midland and odessa, it wasn't that great..but the kids enjoyed it. Luckily, Travis' office is downtown and on the street the parade ended we were able to watch the parade inside in the warmth! perfect! :) the kids waved their little hearts out and every float would see them in the window and they would get so excited...and in turn, made travis and I's the little things in life! :)

after the parade we stopped by my parents house since mom had made travis his favorite christmas treat...her chocolate white trash! good! so, we had to stop in to get that! haha.
mom-mom is doing well recovering but still gets she and claire were resting on the floor together..and when I started taking pictures of course, miss thang, Hanna..had to join the fun! :)

Sunday, Ty and Hanna got a breakfast treat...donuts...Why, you ask? because Ty stayed in his bed all night long. He always comes into our room in the middle of the night but that night, after only once of sending him back to bed from walking into our room...he stayed in his room..and I woke up to ,"Mommy, I stayed in my bed all day long, and the suns up now, and I didn't suck my thumb." haha! GREAT Job little boy! :) (ty sucks his thumb when he has lovie "snuggie" whom he sleeps with...and I am trying to break him of that habit. :)
so, for all the wonderful accomplishments...he got to get donuts...and Hanna did too...she stayed in her room all night as she got a donut too! :) too bad claire didn't get the memo! haha!

WE had a wonderful weekend..full of family and it was perfect!

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