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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekend Winter Wonderland...

Midland had ice storm #2 this past week beginning wednesday night. was sooo cold. Thursday Trav took the kids to school but they ended up having an early release at 12:30 bc of the, claire and I went to get them! :) I have had christmas presents stashed away since this summer and I needed to get them out and see what all was there and start, luckily i was able to get a start on that before I had to get that was good. Unfortunately, I learned my memory is terrible and have purchased double of a couple of gifts...whoops...ha! I should start writing things down! haha!
Friday, even trav's office was cancelled so we had a relaxing morning..I even got breakfast in bed...woohoo! ;) Trav loves to cook breakfast...and I let him! ha! but, of course, the good employee he is...he went into work for a bit that morning....the rest of us stayed inside! :)
That night we had pizza and a movie...
Saturday, morning we parted ways and Trav went to the deer lease (roads were better) and the kids and I went to a birthday party! and was soooo coold. 16 degrees at start of bday party! brrr..
The kids had a great time decorating their gingerbread man and seeing santa...however, Ty had the most fun playing with the boys. It was a twins bday boy and one the boys went to one room and the girls in the other. Ty had a blast bc the other boys were also into The Ninja they had a great time playing...and he had bunk beds..haha..ty thought that was so cool! It was also fun for me seeing "old but goodies" friends. These are friends I've had since 4th grade and we still remain friends..and now are kids are friends (hard to believe..feels like we should still be in HS)..ha

After the party and much needed naps...we just played but stir craziness had already set, I bundled them up and let them play on our outdoor skate rink. :) 

and came in and warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. :) 

His "mustache."

that night we had a spa party (don't tell trav I called it that..haha) got pampered with haircuts (ty), manicures and bathtime..haha! 

Sunday, since trav was still gone, Grandpa came with us to see santa. (the same santa from the bday party..ha)...Ty, has always said he wanted ninja turtle stuff and a scooter...but lately, he's been on a transformer kick..but he's starting to get consistent when santa or people ask him what he wants for christmas...."transformer and a scooter." (note taken).. usually bashful and later will say a "baby doll" but sunday she told santa she wanted a "barbie." ha! 

 Christmas 2013...

Claire first christmas...

We love miss cayce's b/c they give out milk and cookies...yum! :) 

Hi Claire...

monday, after karate we saw what we thought was snow but come to find out it was frozen fog (what is that..ha) we hung out again inside with a little outdoor play...
so, today we were all exited to get to school. :) 

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