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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013...

This year we had a very unorthodox Thanksgiving. 
First off, we were suppose to travel to Houston for Thanksgiving with the Roby's...but since we just had Claire...we stayed here and...

Gamy and Granddaddy came here....

So, it was just the 7 of us...which was fun...we had a great time..but, missed seeing everyone else. 

Secondly, my mom was put in the hospital were she resided that whole week and is still there...more on that later.
So...Trav and I hosted our first Thanksgiving...and I have to admit..we did a decent job...I mean, nobody got sick off my cooking..haha! That's a win in my book...regardless of how it tasted. ha!

Luckily, I was able to prepare several dishes ahead of time so the day of all we had to do was stick things in the oven and make a few other, it went well. :) 
Ty and Hanna even got to sit at the Big Kid table..where they had chicken nuggets. :)
We ate, watched the cowboys win, and then cheered on the Red Raiders...Gamy and granddaddy took the kids to feed the ducks and played football while Trav and I snuck off to the hospital to see my mom and take my dad a plate of food. Came back for dinner leftovers and to watch Tech play. 
It was a great Thanksgiving and truly was thankful for our many, many blessings and our health.
Gamy and Granddaddy left friday morning and we put away our fall decor and busted out the Christmas stuff..hard to believe christmas is just a few weeks away! wow...this year has sped by! 

My little helper...

Claire's first Thanksgiving...

Food's all ready to eat...yum yum.

Hanna enjoying her turkey cookie.

Like I mentioned..My mom has been in the hospital for over a week now..and probably still has at least a few more days! She and my dad have gotten to know all the nursing staff and other patients on the floor..ha! This Thanksgiving wasn't the first time we have spent a holiday in the hospital...(we have celebrated a christmas and a thanksgiving with my meme in the hospital as well), this was nothing new. I mean, being in the hospital isn't great...but it wasn't being there on thanksgiving that was a bummer to my parents but the fact they had a weekend get-a-way planned...since it was both mine and my sisters year to spend the holiday with our in-laws! 
My mom ended up having surgery on monday.. after being in the hospital for 2 days before..and let me tell is extremely hard to see someone you love in so much pain and not feeling well. My mom is way to young and healthy to be laid up in the hospital. She went from helping me recover from my c-section to me helping her! but, that's what family is for. :) My sister came into town monday to be with my mom and stayed a few days before heading to their farm for thanksgiving on thursday morning. Trav was super dad and watched the kids (minus Claire..she's a little attached right now..or at least her food is.ha)...monday-well, all week, While I could spend time at the hospital. So, that was a huge, huge help...and I am so thankful for him. She is on her way to recovery and we are so very thankful everything went well and she seems to continue on the upward track. And, being at the hospital everyday and seeing the array of nurses gave me the bug to go back to work. I love nursing...but stopped when I had Ty...but, seeing the good nurses and the not so good nurses (bc let me tell you...some are not so bueno)  makes me want to go back...but, then I go home and love being a full time mommy! :) My mom's room smells the best and every personnel who comes in comments on her room FULL of parents have some great and caring friends...and of course, she is the prettiest patient...:) 
Claire has been a trooper in always going with me and then letting me help my mom while I am, having her there makes mom smile! One Dr. said having Claire there is better than Morphine...but, my mom would love to see and talk to all her grand babies...but, phone videos have to do for now! So, this Thanksgiving although we have a million blessings to be thankful for we are most thankful that our mom is well and just lacks recovery! :) My dad has also been a trooper and has been with her every second of the day. He might take a little break when he knows my sister or I are there but other than that he's by her bedside. He finally started sleeping at home but only after he scopes out the night nurse and her skill level..haha! and let me tell you, if he doesn't think the care given is up to par..he will let people know...nurses better be on their A game when taking care of his bride! :) He also spent his bday at the hospital with her...and his bday treat was going across the street for lunch and eating it there instead of bringing it back cold to the hospital. :) I have an excellent dad and love him very much...he's the best man I know! :) It's been strange communicating through my dad to talk to mom...I typically talk or text her throughout the day, i'm ready for her to get back to normal...but, not near as badly as she is...ha!

 Monday, while trav stayed home from work So I could go up to hospital, he and the kids had craft time where they made my mom get well cards....Ty's had a fish on it and Hanna had her daddy help her draw clothes because "mom-mom likes to shop." haha. so, that was very sweet of all them.
This was the beginning of her flower collection....her room is literally filled with them now! :)

On another note...every night, in the  middle of the night, Ty comes in and gets into bed with Trav and I...I usually get a very small portion of the bed..and lately, Hanna wakes up and the only way to get her back to sleep is sleeping with, i bring her into our bed, the whole fam is in our room...

 this is a pic of my little space...typically hanna is on top of me, cheek to cheek....

but....this night...which its hard to see (I took this while nursing claire)...I practically had half of the bed to myself and trav was being pushed
they were sleeping in a pyramid shape on trav's side of the bed! hehe!

and saturday night when i got home from the hospital trav and the kids surprised me by putting up the christmas very nice of them! :)

it's decorated now thanks to the help of 2 little elves! :)

we have so much to be thankful for but I am super thankful for my them all! :)
It was a great family week but now it's back to our normal routine! :) 

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