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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sisterly Love...

There is no person that loves Claire more than her big Sis, Hanna! I mean, I love Claire tremendously but there is just a special love that hanna shares for Claire...she just can't get enough of her! haha!
She is constantly loving on her, trying to help her, carry her, change her diaper, share with's amazing how infatuated she is with Claire. We thought the "new baby claire" phase would die out..but it's still going strong! She just loves her to death!
I am so glad I have a sister who I call my best friend..and I am so glad Hanna and Claire have each other...and a GREAT Big brother, protect them along the way...b/c he loves his little sisters a ton as well! :) I am truly blessed with 3 kids that love each other..and I sure hope that continues through JH and HS! ha!

This is big stinker sister, Hanna!  (but, I love her to pieces..our little mother hen)..

Kiss # 1,034,350..she's given claire..and this was at 1 week old...the number has doubled since! ha.

Sweet Sisters....

and one super proud Big Brother, Ty~ 

Couldn't ask for more! 
There are times Claire is in her swing chillin' while the kids are either in school or napping and she starts to cry...instead of picking her up I just talk to her and she's like she feels we left her since the house is so quiet..and she's not use to noise, or being touched! haha.

There is nothing better than the sounds of your kids playing and laughing together...even if they are making a huge's worth it! :) 

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